Which Is Better Inner Lid Pressure Cooker or Outer Lid Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers are a life saver. Most of the families in India use pressure cooker for fast cooking. People can buy pressure cooker online also, as there is a growing trend of online shopping and a lot of pressure cooker manufacturers & suppliers are presenting their products on online portals with great deals & discounts. There are a variety of pressure cooker models available which are suitable user friendly for Indian kitchens. Know the dissimilarity between inner lid and outer lid pressure cooker and which you should get for your kitchen.

The pressure cooker which has the top lid placed inside the bottom is known as inner lid pressure cooker. And the cooker which has top lid sitting out of the bottom lid is called outer lid pressure cooker. Make sure your pressure cooker is made of steel or aluminum.

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According to reviews and experience the inner lid pressure cooker is safe and easy to use. It has less volume and capacity. Pressure cooker can be a risky thing and cause a major damage if the build up pressure can’t be released due to the valve being blocked. The inner lid has some resistance as the bottom lid does not let the outer lid fly simply. And so any chance of bursting in inner lid cooker is lesser.

Whereas the outer lid cooker comes in large sizes high capacity. It is very much possible to burst outer lid pressure cooker compared to inner lid pressure cooker as, when the pressure builds up, there is no lock system. The top lid doesn’t facilitate holding any pressure and this can be riskier. So, know the differences before getting and be careful while cooking!