Things to Remember While Using Induction Base Cooker

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Pressure cookers which are compatible with gas or any electric coil, the food are cooked when the flame which generated from the gas gets transferred to the base of the cooker. While in induction based cooker, heating the base is sufficient to cook the food. This kind of pressure cooker is just perfect and can be used by any professional chef and also apt for using in domestic purpose.

Cooking in induction based pressure cooker transfers about 90% of its total heat to the pot actually in comparison of normal pressure cookers. It is only about 47% of heat which gets transferred through an electric burner. So, an induction based pressure cooker will not only help to prepare the food faster but also saves energy. Here are some do’s and don’ts which you must follow while using induction based pressure cookers.

  • Do slice up all the ingredients first for your dish and then only turn on your induction burner may be just when you are about to put the oil.

  • Don’t put the pressure cooker on high heat. As people have a tendency to follow the old advice that it is important to bring the cooker on high heat while cooking. This should not be done otherwise some obvious think will take place – the cooker heats up very fast within 4 minutes and the food will remain undone.

  • Do use the feature of setting the time for pressure cooker which is available in almost all inductions. It will help to turn off the burner automatically after the food gets prepared.

  • Don’t leave the cooker just after you have adjusted the temperature.

  • Don’t preheat the pressure cooker. The reason is that as the induction based pressure cooker heats up very fast and pre-heating the cooker might end up burning all your food.

Induction Cooker is better to use than Conventional Cookers

  • Flexible Heating Levels – In conventional cookers as you know that it is not possible to adjust the temperature. But, it is not similar in the case of induction cookers as the level of temperature can easily be adjusted. As in induction cookers the heat is proportion so it can be controlled as well as monitored.

  • Safety – Conventional cookers are not safer to use. But the induction cookers are safer to use because apart from the cookware no other thing gets heated.

  • Cooks Faster – As there is flexibility in temperature so, for example, a litre of water takes only two to three minutes to get boiled while in conventional cooker it might take up to ten minutes.

  • Induction Pressure cooker in India is one of the most popular kitchen cookware which is found in every kitchen because in do not heats up the temperature of the entire kitchen.