The Induction Base Cooker is Ruling the 21st Century Indian Kitchen

We all know about induction base pressure cookers and induction cooktops, but hardly know how that works? The cooktops heat up the cooking vessels with induction heating, instead of infrared heating or gas flames of a traditional cooking stove.

The cooking utensil must be of ferromagnetic material. Stainless steel and cast iron utensils are the best choice for induction cooking.  The heat is directly transferred to the cooking pans and its contents. The absence of the coil makes the vessel work as the cooktop.

Here are the few things one must keep in mind before investing in an induction cooker and an induction base pressure cooker:

Basic features

Question concerning the number of burners, wattage, touch buttons or knobs, temperature settings, ‘hot’ or ‘on’ indicators, etc. are very important.

Safety features

One must always, always be extra careful while working on induction cooktops and induction bas cookers. They get extremely hot and could burn you pretty bad. Several safety features are already built in but here’s no harm in being a little more careful.


The combination of convenience and safety makes the induction cooking so very popular. Pan pressure sensors, kitchen timers, boost, warming or sensor modes, etc. are very useful. These induction cooktops have flexible burner space which is a great plus point.

Ease of installation

30 inches -36 inches is the range in which most of the cooktops are available in the market. The variety in size allows you to buy the most fitting option. The length of the chord and the drop-in dimensions are really important and one must check them before buying one. If you ever run into any installation problem contact the respective company or a person who is skilled enough to install one.

The cooker is versatile because of its varied features. Induction base pressure cooker can be used both as a cooker and a utensil for reheating or warming any food on the induction cooktops. As electricity is cheaper than natural and cooking gas more and more people are turning over to buying induction cooktops.

With careful handling of the cook tops and proper handling of the utensils they last a real long time. The induction base pressure cooker can also be used to cook on the normal gas ovens. Thus an induction cooktop and cooker are a must have for any household.