The Common Mistakes that Often You make in Pressure Cooking

Pressure cookers are the best friend of anyone who is always on the rush. When you are running for work or preparing your kids for school, pressure cooker helps you the most. But often it is the sole reason of bad cooking or sometimes accidents too.

But what is it that makes the cooking go wrong all the way? What are the mistakes you commit that results in such instances that is stopping you from using pressure cooker accessories to cook again? Take a look.


Over Cooking

It is the most common mistake that you often commit while using pressure cooker. When you are cooking meat, it is obvious that you will prefer tender meat. But if you are trying to overcook it even for two more minutes it will again become tight.

It often happens that you over cook again to make it tender and it becomes. But what you fail to understand is that it is actually falling apart. But with this whole process the meat becomes tasteless.

When you are cooking something in pressure cooker, try to use a recipe. You are probably thinking to achieve the same taste that your grandmother used to create.

But you are wondering even after using the same ingredients in the cooking, why it is not tasty as it used to be. You have probably no idea that the two extra minutes that is killing the taste of the food.

Extra Liquid

It is another mistake that you often make. There has to be some minimum quantity sunkwik_of cooking in your cooker. Generally jiggle top cookers need 1 cup of water and the spring valve model needs ½ cup of water.

If you are adding extra water then it will ruin the taste of the food and the spices will end up in the floating in the water. The vegetables and meat need not be drowned in water unless you are thinking about infusing cooking method.

Avoid these mistakes while cooking and taste a piece of health with pressure cooking.