The Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker in Your Kitchen

A pressure cooker is a sealed container with a control device/valve.It controls the steam pressure inside the pot.After placing the pot on the stove,the container heats up,the inside liquid forms into steam and creates pressure in the pot.The high pressure helps cook quicker.It was invented around 1600s by a Frenchman named Denis Papin.

This high pressure steam of a pressure cooker holds two most important effects:

  • Pressure cooker increases the boiling point of the water.Normal boiling point of water is 212o F,but with the steams pressure boiling point can get high to 250o F.This higher heat helps the food to cook faster.
  • It increases the pressure and it helps force fluid into the food rapidly,which helps it cook faster.It is very useful for certain foods,such as hard meat and few vegetables.

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For safety reasons,there are at least three valves in the modern pressure cookers.The three valves allow the mechanical release of pressure in case it builds up excessively high.Different valves are used for different cookers.You can get a range of pressure cooker accessories in India, for example:the valves and the gasket,which is a rubber ring and extremely important part of a pressure cooker.You need to keep the gasket clean and free from any food particles to make sure a good secure seal.

There are lots of beneficial purposes for using pressure cooker as kitchen equipment.Some of these include:

  • A pressure cooker consumes less water and time;holds more vitamins and minerals than conventional cooking process which gives the food a nutritional boost.
  • A pressure cooker is energy efficient.As a pressure cooker takes not as much of time,as a result the amount of energy consumed is condensed too.
  • Cooking in a pressure cooker is timesaving.One can cook food about 70 percent quicker.One can put all the ingredients together and just sit and relax.Pressure cooker will make it quicker.
  • Compared to usual stove-top or oven methods the kitchen remains much cooler if you are using a pressure cooker.As all the pressure and heat is trapped inside the pot,it doesn’t produce that much of heat.
  • You would usually need to clean up all the messy spatters after cooking,but while you are cooking your food with a covered pot,you don’t have to clean up immediately after cooking.