The Advent of Multi Utility Pressure Cookers has Changed the Way the World Cooks

dest pressure coocker

The modern pressure cooker is a versatile vessel that can be used in multiple ways. The sheer versatility of this appliance is demonstrated in many ways. The multi utility pressure cooker is a boon in the kitchen of today’s housewife who often carries the dual responsibility of running a home and a job.

Pressure cookers use the natural steam created by the moisture present in the food to hasten the cooking process. The pressurized steam forces moisture from the vessel into the food causing the food to cook faster. The best pressure cooker is one which wears many hats in the kitchen.

  • The multi-purpose pressure cooker can act like a tawa. You can make fluffy rotis or crisp dosas in a jiffy in the evenly heated base.
  • The pressure cooker also doubles as a fry pan. The unique shape is conducive to shallow frying. It is very convenient to cook meats and vegetables which need searing before pressure cooking. You can do both in one go without the hassle ofchanging pans, thus saving on washing and cleaning too!
  • The multipurpose cooker can also be a kadhai. This ubiquitous kitchen staple is the equivalent of the Chinese wok and is used to cook curries and other gravy dishes. The unique shape of the cooker lets you carry out all the functions of the kadhai in the pan of the cooker itself.
  • And, last but not the least the multi utility pressure cooker is exactly what the name suggests! Its basic function is that of a simple pressure cooker.

The benefits of cooking in a pressure cooker

The pressure cooker has become a boon to the modern housewife due to many reasons.

  • The cooker is synonymous to speed. The steam pressure ensures that the food is cooked in the fraction of its usual time.
  • The fuel costs are lower. It is even more economical if you are using an induction based pressure cooker, as the cooking time is even faster.
  • The nutritive value of the food is retained as there is low exposure to heat and no
    wastage of nutrient rich excess cooking water.
  • The cooking process is hassle free. The recipe book that comes along with the cooker has a host of recipes that come with exact directions to cook one pot meals.
  • The washing and cleaning is minimal as most of the cooking can be accomplished in one pot.
  • There are very little chances of spills and oily residue, and that keeps your kitchen relatively clean. The rising trend of open kitchens also makes this a very popular feature.
  • The best pressure cooker brands have inbuilt safety measures of international quality levels, ensuring high levels of safety in the kitchen for even the novice cooks.

The pressure cooker is the home maker’s best friend and is a must in the modern kitchen. Keep the cooker clean and well maintained and it will last you a life time. Happy pressure cooking to you!