Segregation of Pressure Cookers on Basis of Generations

Your decision to buy pressure cooker online might well be justified when you take a peek into some of the latest web portals. You get the latest not just in terms of designs, but in terms of the safety quotient added to it.

The evolution of pressure cookers have been a steady one with every part of technology being used in the most efficient of ways. The instance when you decide to buy pressure cooker online, you do not as in general cases ponder over the types and kinds of pressure cookers and the generation to which it belongs.

Speaking of the classification of cookers on the basis of generation, there are three basic generations into which these cookers can be divided.

The first generation cookers 

Cookers belonging to the first generation are the old ones that are usually the ancestral form of cookers. The mechanism of the valve was based on a valve that helped release pressure on a sudden moment. This actually made the task quite a risky one as a whole. In addition to this, there was just a single pressure level that was used in the entire cooking process. This did make it quite time consuming as well. The only way to bring about a change in the pressure was to get the weight of the valve shifted from one to another.

The second generation ones 

The second generation pressure cooker are the ones that are termed as the present generation pressure cookers. With the use of technology, there has been a number of added features that have been included in these utensils. For instance, there is an added indicator that helps you analyse the level of steam that is produced within. The difference in this case lies in the fact that you do not have to deal with the hassle of the steam releasing from an extra lid.

Electric cookers

Electric cookers are usually called third generation pressure cookers. The source that has been included in it derives power from the electrical source that is closest to it. You cannot wet these pressure cookers in the process of releasing the steam from it. Though there is a level of safety that is included in the manufacturing of these cookers, you do need to take in care the small openings from where the steam is being released.

The generations into which the cookers are divided, are usually on the basis of the advancement and the additions that have been made on the technological levels within. Web portals have made the act of purchasing these utensils and appliances quite easily online. You can now select a portal of your own choice and buy fry pan online or any other appliance of your need. Give your kitchen the best of pampering and makeover required.