Recipes That Prove A Fry Pan Is A Must-Have Kitchen Appliance.

A Fry Pan is considered as one of the must-have kitchen essentials. There are several recipes that are impossible to make without using a fry pan.

There are different types of fry pans available in the market. One can either buy a stainless steel Fry Pan or a non-stick fry pan.

  1. Scrambled Eggs: – Most of the people reach for their regularly used pans for cooking eggs. With the right amount of fat and temperature, one can easily make scrambled eggs using a fry pan.
  2. Cornbread: – Most of the people think that cornbread requires to be baked in a cast iron cooking pot. But this is not at all true. As long as the pan is greased properly, one will be able to slide the cornbread slices out of the oven proof pan with negligible effort. One will just have to adjust the temperature to stay a little higher or the cooking time to be a little more for accommodating the difference in the material.
  3. Mac and Cheese: – Do not think one needs to make more than one cooking pot dirty for making mac and cheese. With a good quality fry pan, one can get the one-pan meal ready in no time.
  4. Roasted Chicken: – Do not get confused and roast the chicken in a ten inches skillet. One will surely be able to prepare delicious roasted chicken in lesser time span. One can sear the outer layer of the chicken on a stove top and then shift the oven proof pan to the oven directly to finish up preparing the dish. Prepare a quick gravy in a pan when the chicken is almost done. Simply take out the pan from the oven and keep it aside to cool down. After that one can add some aromatics and little amount of white wine to the dripping in the pan. Cook for a few minutes more and then finish it up with some butter and then finally squeeze some lemon juice on top of it to give the dish a tangy taste.
  5. A Big Chocolate Chip Cookie: – One can bake a giant sized chocolate chip cookie using a non-stick fry pan. But do not forget to grease the pan well and keep an eye on it while it is getting cooked.

Is it believable that so many recipes can be cooked perfectly and quickly in a fry pan. Try out these recipes for yourself as well as to impress your guests. Explore the online range and invest in a high quality, dishwasher safe, oven proof, and easy-to-clean fry pan. Choose your desired size from the online range. Choose to Buy Fry Pan Online to get the benefit of ordering your kitchen product sitting at the comfort of your home and enjoy the benefit of getting it delivered at your doorstep. Some dishes are here that will be really tough to make without having a fry pan in the kitchen.