Pressure cookers for every kitchen

The all-rounder pressure cooker

There definitely isn’t a household kitchen which does not have a pressure cooker. It is one of the most popular and definitely one of the most efficient kitchen equipment available. The introduction of pressure witnessed a huge popularity and ever increasing demand because of the dramatic reduction in cooking time by using a pressure cooker. Besides being a cooking apparatus, pressure cooker also found its usage in sterilizing jars and bottles. Even till date pressure cooker is the preferred means of sterilization of baby bottles.

pressure cooker

The evolution of pressure cooker

Over the decades, since its inception, pressure cooker has undergone huge transformation. The basic models which the pressure cooker manufacturers first introduced was made completely of aluminium, a soft metal which heat up pretty fast, reducing the fuel consumption in heating the utensil. The top lid of the pressure cooker keeps the utensil air tight. A weight placed on the top nozzle regulates the pressure within the cooker. This pressure that this model can generate within is fixed. Later the pressure cooker manufacturers introduced the model with a spring loaded top weight. The adjustment of the spring allows the user to regulate the pressure within the cooker. This allows the user to use the same pressure cooker for a variety of purpose. The most recent variety of pressure cooker available in the market is the electric pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker has a microchip and an IC which allows the user to monitor and control the pressure within the cooker, depending upon the food item being cooked. There are preset functions available as well which makes it easy for the user to determine the amount of pressure that will be required for certain type of item. The microprocessor also monitors the quality of the food being prepared and prevents overcooking and preservation of nutrients of the food.

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Pressure cooker manufacturers and sellers

There are a number of pressure cooker manufacturers available in the market. One can check out the various models being offered and the price tag on each type, and decide to settle for the one providing maximum value for money. Online stores are also common and useful when it comes to shopping for pressure cooker.