Pressure Cooker versus Classic Method of Cooking – Which Is Better?

best pressure cookers,pressure cooker accessoriesThe pressure cooker is always considered to be the king among all the other home appliances in an Indian kitchen. A pressure cooker is one of the item which is not only present in every kitchen but also it is considered to be the fastest way of cooking than any form of a traditional method.

A pressure cooker is among the finest technology which not only has made the cooking easier but also it is free of a hassle than a traditional form of a cooking method. A pressure cooker will definitely make your life easier than any other technique of preparing food. Pressure cookers are made of stainless steel or of aluminium.

The best pressure cookers are designed in such a way that it makes us suitable for preparing foods. It is sure that the stainless steel pressure cookers are technologically advanced when it will be compared to traditional cooking utensils like pots, frying pans. The reason behind this is very simple, as pressure cookers are through electricity as well as the main concept behind the technique is that it works on the pressure to cook food. Moreover, pressure cooker accessories like rubber gasket, grids, separators and detachable pressure regulator add an advantage to its quality. It is also not heavy in weight thus it is very easy to carry at any place at any time. It also can be used conveniently to serve the food. In pressure cooker, the heat is spread evenly and that’s a reason why the food is cooked faster that other cookware.

Using a pressure cooker rather than any traditional method of cooking food saves time. In traditional method the pots which were used are either made of mud where cooking becomes very difficult. For example – carrots will just require 10 minutes to cook unlike in any pan or pot where you might need at least 45 minutes to prepare the food. Also cooking in pressure cookers needs less water, saves electricity up to 75%, thus actually in another way we are also conserving our resources.

On the note of health benefit also pressure cookers are better idea to cook than traditional methods because cooking in this appliance will kill the micro- organisms as because the temperature at which the food items are prepared at high temperature. Not only pressure cookers are used for preparing food but also it is an effective appliance for sterilizing baby bottles. Also, people prefers to cook in pressure cookers because cooking here does not reduce the nutrition of the food or the nutrition of the foot do not get leached.

Nowadays the best pressure cookers brands in India supplies pressure cookers with added multifunctional features with inner lid and normal lid. One can prepare various kind of foods like boiling vegetables, meat, rice which seems to be very difficult in a traditional method. Thus, it’s apt to say that cooking in a pressure cooker is indeed a better way than the traditional method.