Pressure Cooker Myths Still that didn’t Go Away

multipurpose pressure cookerMultipurpose Pressure Cooker has been in your Kitchen for a very long time and it is one of the useful solutions that most people actually think as a saviour in their busy schedules. It has also made easier for the mother as well to continue their job and then prepare food easily after coming back to home. But still there are many pressure cooker myths which people still believe and it should be demystified now. Here are some of the myths which are still going viral:-

Myth 1. – Pressure Cooker actually Destroys all kinds of Nutrient from Food.

Fact – If you are using a pressure cooker then it is guaranteed that more of the nutrients in the food get preserved. While cooking in a pressure cooker the entire fluid gets spared and again gets utilized during the entire process of cooking that guarantees that all the nutrients in the food get preserved. Even in many studies, it is shown that it is one of the most popular cookware and those who know that still prefer to buy online pressure cooker. Also, there is a science behind the cooking method of a pressure cooker which proves that all the nutrients keep remaining intact while cooking in a cooker rather than using other cooking methods. Also, till date, we weren’t able to find any suitable experiment that proves whether actually pressure cooker destroys any kind of vitamins from the food.

Myth 2. – The High amount of temperatures in Cookers makes some amount of Carcinogens which are also found while Barbecuing.

Fact – Pressure cooker, unlike other cookware you cannot find any kind of toxic mixes. Carcinogenic substances are found easily when you are cooking starch included foods like potatoes. In high temperatures, these kinds of substances actually form and as we know that in a pressure cooker it’s very normal to find such substances. But, it is a misconception among people that the same forms in the cooker also. But, it’s totally wrong as the moist environment in the cooker prohibits those substances to form. It is found in the research that even the potatoes are cooked for more than 20 minutes you definitely can’t see any trace of acryl amide. But, if you boil the potatoes in another way you can see those substances to develop.

Myth 3. – The Food in Pressure Cooker is Sterilized to Eject out the Requirement of Refrigeration

Fact – We knows that if it’s about sterilizing the food then a pressure cooker is the right option. It only takes some minutes of time to reach to that temperature where they can sterilize the food. If you are using a pressure cooker then it will still have the same level of bacteria when cooked in some other cookware. Moreover, the food which is cooked in a pressure cooker will have less bacteria in comparison to the food cooked in other cookware.