Pressure cooker buying guide for the beginners

Points to consider before buying pressure cooker

If you are setting up your own shelter,or beginning a new family life,pressure cooker is one of those items which must be bought for your kitchen. The pressure cooker is one of the greatest gifts of modern science.It helps in reducing fuel consumption by allowing the user to cook food in very short time.So,if you are going to buy your pressure cooker for the first time check out the following –


Capacity –The capacity of the pressure cooker pot should be right for the kind of family you are expecting to have.In case you are confused about which size will meet your demand,take some help from the sales executive present at the store.In case you are expecting guests occasionally,it is better to go for multiple sizes.

Compatibility –The pressure cooker must be compatible with both gas oven as well as induction oven.The use of induction oven is increasing by the day and thus it is important that whatever cooking utensil you buy should also have induction base.

Simple locking system –The pressure cooker should not have a complex locking system.Remember to check the locking system by opening and then locking the pressure cooker at the store.This is one of those features which should never be fancy.

Safety Valve availability – This is one of the most important pressure cooker accessories India.The Indian market still does not have many smart pressure cookers and the safety valve is of utmost importance in case there is come problem with the pressure release mechanism.

Heat resistant handles – A pressure cooker is subjected to high heat and thus all of its parts become hot.In order to properly work,the handle must have heat resistant coating.

Adjustable pressure control –If possible get the pressure cooker which allows changing and controlling the pressure within.

Warranty – Remember to check the warranty both on the pressure cooker and the pressure cooker accessories India.The warranty should be long enough to justify the use of the pressure cooker as compared to the price.Also remember to ask for the nearest service centre in case of emergency.