Pressure Cooked Tomato Sauce Is More Than a Divine Delicacy

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Pressure cooking has more than just health benefits attached to it. They are one of the fastest methods of cooking up exquisite dishes back at your home in a limited time span. Imagine tossing up a delicious tomato sauce in a matter of few minutes!

Still in a dilemma as to what should you do with the large stack of tomatoes back at your home? In that case, you can always try pressure cooking them and create something spectacular for friends and family. The first daily ingredient that crops up on our mind when we think of tomatoes is a delicious tomato sauce. A non-stick pressure cooker or an electrical pressure cooker can prove to be fruitful for the purpose.

Speaking of tomato sauce, Italians are practically a pro at it. But unlike the fact that Italians prefer peeling up all the vegetables and fruits that they use, you might prefer keeping the nutritional value of the veggies intact by leaving on the skin. Consuming skins of vegetables does have benefits of its own.

Coming back to the nutritional effects of tomatoes, the skin and seeds of tomatoes are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and flavonoids.

Round up on the perfect setting

The setting of a pressure cooker is an essential feature that determines the proficiency of the food that you are cooking. Inappropriate settings can lead to a complete spoilage of your entire dish. Stovetops cookers are generally quite easy to operate in this case as all that you need to do is bring about a reduction or increase in the flame of the stove as per your convenience. However, moving on to latest technology, electric pressure cookers are bestowed with individual settings that need to be set and secured as per the requirements.

It is always advisable that you opt for pressure cookers that have the maximum reduction and increasing facility. Yes, if you are comfortable with having to reset your settings 3 to 4 times in between your cooking sessions, you might as well go ahead and ignore the point! Thus if you are making use of a normal stovetop cooker, make sure that you reduce the flame to as low as you can to let the tomatoes bubble.

Spice up your sauce a for the final serving

After the reduction process of the sauce for quite some time now, you have a final have a lip smacking sauce at your disposal. The natural taste of the sauce in itself is quite a delicious one, however the addition of a few additional ingredients can always help in enhancing the taste to a great extent. You can out in a few tossed zucchini to add on the flavour of the sauce. A bit of ricotta might help you give an amazing pinkish colour to the sauce.

After the final ouch ups to the sauce make sure that you refrigerate it in a proper way. Refrigeration does form a very vital part of the entire process, mainly if you are dealing with a considerably large amount of tomatoes at the same time. When you opt to buy pressure cooker online, Sun-Kwik can definitely one of the top choices back in your list. It’s time to get rid of the typical market packed sauces and toss up pressure cooked magic in your own kitchen!