Which One Is Better, Pressure Cooking Or Open Cooking?

Varieties of baked, fried, boiled, and steamed dishes are cooked inĀ Pressure Cooker. But open cooking and pressure cooking is different from each other.

Cooking is an art and to enhance your cooking skills, it is necessary to use the correct utensils in the right ways. Before one ascertains which one is healthier, it is essential to know how cooking in a Pressure Cooker differs from open cooking in terms of the cooking method and the effects of cooking on the nutritional value of the dish prepared.

Most of the people claim that reduced cooking time minimizes the destruction of the nutrient contents. It is accepted that it is much safer to cook food in pressure cookers as long as the cooking time is synchronized. Cooking in a pressure cooker uses the combination of steam and heat. It is the pressure and the steam that actually helps in making the ingredients soft and fully cooked and not the extreme heat. Every pressure cooker model is fitted with a valve, which seals in the steam, thus, creating an extreme pressure level inside the pot. This increases the boiling point of the liquid or the water inside the vessel and thus, forces the moisture into the ingredients in the form of steam. This makes it possible to cook any dish in just minutes in such a versatile cooking pot.

How open cooking technique is different?

In open cooking technique, everything depends on the pot that is used for cooking. It can be a shallow or a deep skillet. Since the ingredients are more exposed in a shallow skillet, the moisture content is lost easily as compared to a deep skillet. It takes longer time to cook food in the deeper pots as the liquid or the water does not get adequate surface for evaporating. If the cooking utensil is covered with the lid then it can have similar effect as a pressure cooker. In this case also the lid captures the steam and prevents it from escaping which in turn helps to cook the food faster.

Open cooking versus pressure cooking

One of the Macrobiotic Health Coach and Nutritionist Shilpa Arora, said that a pressure cooker requires lots of heat that makes it possible to cook the food faster. Pressure cooking is a completely enclosed cooking technique. The ingredients do not come in contact with the outside air while getting cooked. Slow cooking is also a good option as this method of cooking not only retains the nutritional value of the dish but also prevents the loss of vitamins and minerals. Most of the pressure cooker models are made up of aluminum, which can sometimes leach into the food when the cooker is overheated. Some of the Best Pressure Cookers in India are also coated with non-stick layers that prevent the ingredients from sticking to the inner walls and the bottom of the cooker. Ideally, foods are healthier when cooked in less oil, in less time, and on medium or low flame. This helps to maintain the taste and flavor of the food. It is suggested that the traditional cooking techniques in earthen pots can also be adopted.