Know More About The Your Pressure Cooker Material

When the human being was searching for a cookware that could soften bonesin lesser time, he came across the multipurpose Pressure Cooker that not only solved his need for cooking fast but cooking well and too. The many methods, that could be tried through pressure cooking, was discovered later and slowly it made entry in the kitchens of the average households. The value of this wonderful device kept increasing since then. The new technology has brought new variations in them and thereby revolution in the lives of seasoned and non-serious cooks.


The Endless Varieties Bewildering At Times:

At present, we have many options in world of Pressure Cookers.Numerous shapes, attractive colours, and latest technical features are available. Sometimes, the varieties in terms of designs, colours, and materials may annoy you completely since it is tough to choose among many. On top of it there are so many brands, that remembering their name, sometimes, is impossibility.

Understand Your Choice Before Buying:

Talking about materials, which are used in making the cookware, the selection should be based on logic and want not visual appeal. The one thing that has remained intact with the evolving Pressure Cookers is the feature of retaining nutrition through steam cooking. The effectiveness, however, varies from material to material. There are mainly three types of cookers, viz. the Electric, and Stove Top (Gas or Induction based). How each of them works in tandem with different materials should be known to make your selections easier.

The Comparison Among the Main Three:

The biggest argument in case of cookers which are used on stove tops, which we face often, is the better constituent material, among the Stainless Steel and the Aluminium. The former is durable but a lesser good conductor of heat and comparatively expensive. The latter is better in terms of heat conduction and cheapness but not in durability. The metal warps with time. Moreover, considering the dire effects of Aluminum on nervous and skeletal system, the other one is always preferable option.

Now coming to the electronic Pressure Cookers, the materials mainly used for the inner body where food is cooked, are non-stick or stainless steel. The shiny coating of both the materials is equally attractive. However, the longevity of the coating is higher in terms of the latter. The Moreover, Polytetrafluoroetheylene (PTFE) which is used for non-stick coating is a releaser of toxic fumes on overheating.The Stainless Steel can be made non-sticky to an extent with addition of some oil, but a non-stick pressure cooker can hardly match the goodness of stainless steel in overall sense.