How to use your Pressure Cooker at its best

There is no dearth of pressure cooker and pressure cooker accessories in India. So, one can easily grab any of them at ease but the important part lies in taking adequate care of the cookware. Here are few tips on how to take care of your cooker and keep it safe and sound for years to come.

Pressure cooker is one of the most important equipment in one’s kitchen. It is also one of the most effective cookware making cooking more of a fun activity. It reduces the cooking time and at the same time keeps the health and the taste factor locked inside the food. Therefore, it is really important that one must take good care of the cooker. One can avail different forms of cookers and pressure cooker accessories in India but at the same time it is important to take adequate care so that it continues to be your trusted companion for a long time. Here are few important tips to keep your pressure cooker in a good state for a long time.

Pressure Cooker Accessories India
Pressure Cooker Accessories India

Always put adequate liquid while cooking in the cooker. Pressure cooking requires less liquid than what is required in other conventional methods of cooking as rate of evaporation is far lesser. Still, one should be very careful while adding liquid in a pressure cooker, it should not be more but at the same time it should never be less at any time. It is always recommended to use at least 1 cup of water while cooking in a pressure cooker. The liquid should never be more than ½ ways filled with water. If after cooking you find additional water then just boil it uncovered in order to have the desired consistency.

Storing the pressure cooker properly is another important attribute in order to ensure that the cooker and the pressure cooker accessories india remain in a good shape for years to come. Hence, after it is used, each time the cooker should be washed and dried properly. The rubber gasket and lid should be cleaned individually with hand using lukewarm, soapy water and dried with utmost care. The safety valves must be clean and without obstruction and the gasket must remain flexible when it is inserted under the lid. While storing, the lid must be kept on the top of the pot facing upside down.

It is never advisable to fill the cooker to the brim as the steam needs some space to build up. About 2/3rd of the pressure cooker should be filled with food and not more than that.

The concept of pressure cooking rests on the fact that steam is produced in this method of cooking and steam being hotter than boiling water make a dish cook at least 25% fast or may be faster.