Get the best pressure cooker with minimum effort

The importance of pressure cooker

Irrespective of the country one is residing in, there is hardly any household which does not have a pressure cooker in the kitchen. A pressure cooker is the most time and fuel saving option invented till date. No matter if the person is using a flame heater or a electric heater or an induction heater, pressure cooker is definitely the best when it comes to cooking within a short time period and also save fuel. First built almost a decade ago, the pressure cooker has undergone tremendous change in terms of design; however the basic principle still remains the same. The steam is trapped within the container and is used to increase the pressure within it. This results in low use of fuel to cook the contents of the pressure cooker. However, the wide variety of pressure cookers available in the market currently makes it important that one checks the pressure cooker one is going to buy and ensure it will suit the purpose.


Things to consider while buying pressure cooker –

  • The type of heater one will be using is important while selecting the right pressure cooker. There are different types of pressure cookers available for different types of ovens and one should check carefully that the pressure cooker is the right one for the type of oven one is going to use.
  • The locking mechanism must be checked in person. It should be easy and firm. Nothing sophisticated is advisable as this can lead to dangerous accidents in future.
  • If you are from India, make sure that the pressure cooker you are buying has a service centre nearby. All types of pressure cooker accessories in India might not suitable for the model you are about to buy. It is important to check the availability of the particular pressure cooker accessories in India.
  • Warranty is important and should be checked properly. It should have a decently long warranty.
  • The safety valve must be present in the cooker. It helps avoid many accidents.
  • Various types of pressure weights are available. Check if there are a variety of weights available along with the cooker.