Finding Differences Within the Types of Pressure Cookers and Tawas

Pressure cookers and Tawas are two commonly used cooking utensils at home. However, the influx of smarter appliances has revolutionised the kitchen set up altogether. At the same, it has responsibly been comparing each of the product of the same genre. Say, how the microwave has its own area of difference in terms of the ones which are convections. Similar to that we will be addressing how induction based pressure cookers compare with stove top pressure cookers. Again what is the basic area of dissimilarity between dosa tawa and the roti tawa?
In both the cases, their specifications have influenced their operational skills at the whole. Moreover, some do’s and don’ts too stimulate the way these appliances are used by people. A direct glimpse of the differences would clear an understanding of the same.

Difference btw Induction Based Pressure Cooker/ Stove Top Pressure Cooker:

Pressure cookers Induction based:

  • Nowadays urban homemakers are comfortable in lighting up the induction appliance more than flaming up a gas burner. The reason being safety and security. Just switch on the induction cooker and place the pressure cooker on top of it. Lesser is the fatal chances.
  • Cooking is faster as one needs to fix the timer shown in the digital medium of the induction cooker. This has been best for new mom’s to work on, keeping away the baby from fire is easy.

Stove Top Pressure Cooker:

  • The areas of negatives include many things. One being chances of accidents could not at all be wiped out. In fact, there have been too many accidental cases where people get injured.
  • As the pressure cookers have little option, with the two being medium or low heating option which does not seem to be controlled at times. And the direct flames might be too dangerous.

Difference btw dosa tawa and roti tawa:

Dosa tawa:

  • A dosa tawa is exclusive for making those tasty and healthy dosa’s. In most cases it is advisable not to make chapatti, roti on the dosa tawa. Actually in case of the dosa tawa, people prefer to maintain the stickiness.

Roti Tawa:

  • Though the area of difference between the two is almost negligible but is from the perspective of the users. This does sense from the users end to use the non-sticky tawas for making the rotis or chapattis.