Ensure safety while Buying Pressure Cooker

Keep the Cooker Simple

The pressure cooker no doubt is one of the most important of all kitchen appliances and utensils.Ever since its inception,it has proven to be an efficient way of cooking,saving time as well as energy and fuel.However,in current market the variety of pressure cooker available is simply overwhelming and most of the time puts the customer in a bewildering position unable to choose the right one.Even though there is many sophisticated and modern pressure cookers available which allows a number of functions and utilities in one,we as Indians prefer to keep a few things simple.The more advanced pressure cookers are also extremely high priced and are not available easily.Unless you have the resource to invest in one such pressure cooker and the company’s service centre nearby to replace the damaged parts,it will be better to stick to the old conventional pressure cookers.

27 oct

Check for a secure lid

The most important part to check while buying any pressure cooker is the lid.The mechanism of locking the lid is often made complicated in effort to make it something different from the rest by some of the companies.Try opening and then closing the lid at the store.If you are having difficulty in performing these operations,it is probably best left alone.Also,the lid must be securely placed over the cooker.There are incidents of lids blowing off due to the excessive pressure.Inner lids generally are useful in prevention of such scenario.In India,many popular company models,such as the Sunkwik Keva pressure cooker have inner lid. This type of lid gets securely placed and locked from inside the pressure cooker and cannot blow up.

Check for other safety functions

The pressure weight placed on top of the cooker should also be checked properly.It should not be too tight nor should it be too loose.It should be perfectly fixed so as to allow the excess pressure to disperse.The safety valve present on the lid is also essential for prevention of any accident.It is best to rely on renowned company models such as Sunkwik Keva pressure cooker while buying a new cooker for home.