Effect of Pressure Cooker in Nutrition

If you are rushing to work or running to the school with your kids,it is obvious that you don’t have time for cooking.The fast pace of life right now gives us a very little time to sit back,leave alone cooking.It is impossible to compromise with health by eating junk food every day.The only thing that can help you to cook fast as well as retain the taste and the nutrients is a pressure cooker.

Now pressure cooker is an essential article in our regular kitchen.It is becoming more and more modern with every passing day.Now induction based pressure cooker is also becoming popular in our country.

Pressure Cooking Retains Anti Oxidant and Vitamin :-

Pressure cookers retain the essential vitamins and anti oxidants in the food.The juice remains in the cooker after cooking.It is full of nutrients.Anti oxidants also remains that helps us to fight the signs of aging.When you are cooking in closed pots it takes notoriously long time to cook.But in the case of pressure cooker,the whole process of cooking happens within few minutes.

The Food Contains little Acrylamide :-

The boiled food cooked in high temperature often creates acrylamide that is harmful for health.Pressure cooking reduces the formation of acrylamide.As a result the food cooked in pressure cooker becomes healthier that the cooked food in other method.

Short Times help to Retain Nutrients :-

The short time of cooking helps to retain nutrients.When you are cooking in a stove top vessel,the nutrients evaporate with steam.But in pressure cooker it takes a very little time that does not let the nutrients to evaporate.

Choose the right pressure cooker for your home, cook healthy and stay healthy.