Easy To Make Recipes That for Your New Pressure Cooker At Home

You will seldom find a household with a kitchen that does not have a pressure cooker. Purchasing a Sun-Kwik pressure cooker will help you churn out some of the most amazing healthy dishes in your kitchen with ease. Now that you have purchased a pressure cooker, I will help you out with a few savouries that you can cook at home without much of a hassle.

Healthy yet tasty pressure cooked recipes

Sunkwik Pressure Cooker

Colombian Chicken Stew with Tomato, Potatoes and Onion

With just five main ingredients of chicken, tomatoes, onion, chicken and bay leaf this Columbian stew is easy not just easy to cook but extremely good for your health.

Pressure cooked corn soup

If you are one of a kind who enjoys the flavour of corn without having those corn pieces stuck to your teeth, then a corn soup might prove to be a great option for you. The starchy texture of the soup is obtained through the addition of whole corncobs within it.

Fat free Colombian vegetable soup

Potatoes, broth, carrots, fava, beans, corn, peas is what the soup comprises of. The creaminess of the soup is mainly due to the breaking down of the potatoes. There is absolutely no addition of any dairy product within it.

Pressure cooked chicken and black bean stew

The application of a non-stick pressure cooker in the preparation of this enables you to make use of absolute raw beans without having to worry about it remaining uncooked. The entire dish just takes about an hour to cook.

Mushroom risotto

Pressure cookers have a name for getting the most difficult of all dishes getting cooked with ease. Risotto is one such dish that is considered quite difficult to be cooked. A mushroom risotto is by far one of the most amazing risotto dishes that you can come across. With the best of flavours being from fresh brown mushrooms, the dish is one to gorge on.

Chicken, lentil and carrot stew

One important thing that needs to be kept in mind while cooking this dish is try and avoid using the entire chicken. Using the breast of a chicken will eventually give a dry texture to the soup. Instead you can always make use of drumsticks along with the chicken to keep it juicier.