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Laudable Benefits of Pressure Cooker Back at Your Kitchen


A kitchen is necessarily empty if you do not have an efficient pressure cooker incorporated in it. All through the years of constant cooking, we have become well acquainted with the benefits of pressure cooker in details. But along with the cooker there comes several other benefits that we get from the act of pressure cooking. Keep aside the convenience provided; pressure cooking has been known to be one of the healthiest forms of cooking that can be availed.
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Know More About The Your Pressure Cooker Material

When the human being was searching for a cookware that could soften bonesin lesser time, he came across the multipurpose Pressure Cooker that not only solved his need for cooking fast but cooking well and too. The many methods, that could be tried through pressure cooking, was discovered later and slowly it made entry in the kitchens of the average households. The value of this wonderful device kept increasing since then. The new technology has brought new variations in them and thereby revolution in the lives of seasoned and non-serious cooks. Continue reading Know More About The Your Pressure Cooker Material

The Benefits of Pressure Cooking

When you are running to keep up with the fast pace of life you need to cook first too. It is true when you are running around to reach office at the right time or preparing kids for school you need to cook fast too. You can’t compromise with the food value. And you shouldn’t either. But how you will be able to accomplish the mission?

Pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with different types of products that can not only suit your demand but also will make cooking an easier and fun process. You must be thinking why you should resort to a pressure cooker and what benefits does it offer. Take a look.

Image courtesy : sunkwik
Image courtesy : sunkwik

Saves the Nutrients

As while cooking in a pressure cooker the food and the nutrients remains trapped in an enclosed place, it retains most of the food value. In the case of stove top cooking most of the nutrients gets evaporated with the steam. But for pressure cooking the story is totally different.

Time and Energy Saver

Stove top cooking in an open pan takes quite a lot of time. As the heat evaporates with time in an open pot it remains trapped in a pressure cooker. When you are cooking in an induction based pressure cooker the trapped heat in the utensil makes the cooking process faster.

Cool and Clean Kitchen

Was in the case of pressure cooking there are little chance of spilling the juice on the stove top the kitchen remains clean. On the other hand the heat remains enclosed and that make sure that you can cook in a much cooler place.

Since now you know there are so many benefit of pressure cooker why are you still pondering over the safety? Let me tell you, the reputed companies now ensure that the safety controls are at place when you are buying a pressure cooker. Cook healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy.

Rising demands of an Induction pressure cooker

Today, induction pressure cookers have replaced conventional cookers because of its heat generating capacity and its ability to cook fast.

Induction pressure cooker
Inner lid Induction base cooker

In an induction cooker, the vessel itself acts as a heat-generating device whereas in a conventional cooker heat is transferred from Coils, Hot plates and Halogen heaters to vessels through physical contact. Due to this reason most of the heat and energy are lost.

The induction cooker consists of an electromagnetic coil, which generates high frequency electromagnetic heat that passes through the pot to generate heat due to Eddy current and Magnetic Hysteresis.

Eddy current is the current generated due to change in the magnetic field and Magnetic Hysteresis is the resistance of magnetic materials due to change in magnetization.


Excellent energy efficient:

Induction pressure cookers are highly energy efficient, as it transfers 90% of heat to the pot (compared to a conventional electric burner that only transfers 47%). Thus, it acts as an energy saving device.

Easy to use & Safety:

As heat will not be generated in the cooker beyond a certain limit, one can remove the cooking vessel with even bare hands.

Moreover, it is not necessary to pre-heat the cooker as an induction base already generates heat and thus it takes only few minutes for the onions and cloves to get charred.

Faster cooking:

The Cooking process is faster in an induction pressure cooker than a conventional one as the former traps equitable amount of pressure inside the vessel in less venting time.

Reliability and life

Although induction cookers are considered as heat generating device, it can be used for a longer time.


Cannot be used in a conventional gas burner as an induction – base pressure cookers are exclusively designed for Induction based cooking.

Only people with an induction stove can use this vessel.

Therefore, it is time to pair up your pressure cooker with an induction burner so that you can turn your household into an energy– saving super mode.