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Basic Do’s And Don’ts of Pressure Cookers at Homes

Safe and quick, pressure cookers have transformed into one of the most vital of all cooking appliances at any residence that you come across. In fact, they have created an important place of their own in commercial kitchens as well. Pressure cookers have been confirmed to be one of the most efficient of cooking devices when it comes to cooking healthy and tasty food while saving that extra bit of time. A multipurpose pressure cooker for example can be one of the best means through which you can churn out multiple dishes all at the same time.

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Yes, there is actually no denying the fact that pressure cookers do have a special space back at our kitchens. However, not all are aware of the basic dos and don’ts that surround the usage of a pressure cooker. Keeping this in mind, let us delve into a few basic dos and don’ts in relation to the usage of the basic pressure cookers. But before we begin with the analysis, it must be kept in mind that the process and other necessities involving the act of pressure cooking is quite different in case of a stove top and an induction. Continue reading Basic Do’s And Don’ts of Pressure Cookers at Homes

Pressure Cooked Tomato Sauce Is More Than a Divine Delicacy

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Pressure cooking has more than just health benefits attached to it. They are one of the fastest methods of cooking up exquisite dishes back at your home in a limited time span. Imagine tossing up a delicious tomato sauce in a matter of few minutes!

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Cater To Your Dessert Cravings with an Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooker or no cooker, desserts are desired by all. Leaving apart a few, a major section of the masses try relentlessly to find a way to curb their sweet tooth. However, it has been noticed that pressure cookers have proved to be a great source of relief for dessert lovers. A SunKwik pressure cooker can be your best friend in this case.


Let us take a quick peek at a few desserts that can be prepared using an electric pressure cooker with ease. Continue reading Cater To Your Dessert Cravings with an Electric Pressure Cooker

Easy To Make Recipes That for Your New Pressure Cooker At Home

You will seldom find a household with a kitchen that does not have a pressure cooker. Purchasing a Sun-Kwik pressure cooker will help you churn out some of the most amazing healthy dishes in your kitchen with ease. Now that you have purchased a pressure cooker, I will help you out with a few savouries that you can cook at home without much of a hassle.

Healthy yet tasty pressure cooked recipes

Sunkwik Pressure Cooker Continue reading Easy To Make Recipes That for Your New Pressure Cooker At Home

Technicalities to Keep the Show Running in your kitchenette

“Laughter is the brightest where food is the best”. This Irish proverb has proved its worth since time immemorial. And good food is directly proportional to the type of cookware that we use for the purpose. The variations in the cookware that we get to witness in a kitchen is primarily a matter of need rather than a mere matter of show. People buy pressure cooker online for a certain purpose while they get hold of a fry pan for some other purpose. But the basic question lies as to how do we get to know if the cookware that we are purchasing is actually of the right kind?

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All That You Need to Know About Pressure Cooking


The art of pressure cooking is not something that has developed in the recent times. It is known to have been prevalent for about a hundred years now. Through the years, pressure cookers have developed in an amazing way owing to the owing to the large scale technological development that has taken place.

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Enjoy A Rhythmic Kitchen With Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Online

Cooking is one of the rarest brilliance that manifolds human life. This artistic pleasure underwent rapid transformation thanks to the technological evolution. With the making of smart cities, Smartphone, life has been found chanting too much to be “smart”. Intending to fulfil the cacophony of smart people occurring frequently at the kitchen, home appliance manufacturers aid stainless steel pressure cooker online. Continue reading Enjoy A Rhythmic Kitchen With Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Online

About the Ideal Pressure Cookers for Modern Kitchens

The rise of the age of modular kitchens and electronic cooking appliances has made cooking a smooth experience. Preparation of food is more about exercising your creativity, than completing a monotonous chore.

The Induction cook tops are also among the rising stars of this welcoming change. The pressure cooker, being an important part of Indian Kitchens, whether modern or conventional has to be compatible with the induction cooking method. Therefore, pressure cooker with induction base has started gaining popularity.

Yes, it is true that induction heaters have changed the way of cooking to a great extent. The method uses utensils as the heat generators. The electric stoves create magnetic field that in turn generates friction in contact with the vessels. The cookware in friction causes heat to be produced.

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Some of the features of pressure cooking through this method are:

    • Since the cooking vessel directly absorbs the generated heat, the energy does not get wasted. In the gas or kerosene stoves, a lot of heat escapes from the sides. Thus the induction method is lot more energy efficient than the conventional methods.


    • The Pressure Cookers get heated only to a certain extent in this method. The lid and the sides remain cool while the base heats up. This makes it easy to hold the vessel with hands and without burning them.


    • This feature of bringing cookware to extreme temperature in lesser time enables more air to be trapped inside and cooks the food faster than other methods.


    • The temperature inside can be controlled using digital buttons. The heat that is produced is directly related to the electromagnetic field created and that can be increased or reduced as per requirement.


    • The safety offered by the induction pressure cookers is much higher than any other systems. This is because the process, by which it operates, does not release poisonous gases, unlike the combustion process that takes place in case of gas stoves. The chances of fire are reduced in this modern technique and even shocks are resisted.


  • One of the irritating functions of the gas stoves is that they burn the spillage on the cooktops or utensils, which needs to be cleaned frequently. This problem is done away with in case of food preparation in these electric based appliances. The Pressure Cookers of this variety, therefore, have shiny and smooth surface which look far better than the other types.


These lovely features combined with the reasonable prices makes an Induction Pressure Cooker, the ideal pressure cooker for the modern needs of today’s kitchens.


These lovely features combined with the reasonable prices makes an Induction Pressure Cooker, the ideal pressure cooker for the modern needs of today’s kitchens.

The Science of Pressure Cooking

The Evolution:

The Pressure Cooker has evolved since its earlier form made of cast metal, which was invented by the French Scientist Denis Papin in 1689. He publicized it as “A New Digester or Engine, for softening bones, the description of its makes and use in cookery, voyages at sea, confectionary, making of drinks, chemistry, and dying, etc.” Although he had thought it could be helpful for the poor to obtain squeeze out nutrition from bones, the dearness of the earlier models made it a failure.

The later versions, especially Alfred VischerFlex-Seal Speed Cooker in 1930s, gained prominence and slowly the cookware started making its hold in ordinary kitchens. In India it was first manufactured in 1959. Gradually Manufacturers came up with the better versions of Pressure Cooker and its contemporary style is something that can be efficiently operated without any hassle.


The Mechanism:

Maximum people might be aware of the simple physics which make a Pressure Cooker work, but they might not relate it when it is applied in the kitchen. Now, before discussing the detailed mechanism of Pressure Cooking, we must know the built of the same.

A normal Pressure Cooker consists of the following parts –

  • The Vessel or Pot which is the main body
  • A Body handle and Cover handle
  • A helper handle at the front
  • The pressure Regulator or Whistle (known popularly)
  • Vent Pipe
  • Lid or Cover
  • Air Vent/Cover Lock
  • Sealing Ring or Rubber Gasket
  • Overpressure Plug

It is a known fact that water boils at 100 degree Celsius (or 212 degree Fahrenheit) after which water starts producing steam, its gaseous state. If we allow more heat to be exerted on an open vessel, the temperature shall remain same while the intensity, with which the steam is produced, will increase. Now it is here, that the pressure cooker, which is a sealed vessel, differs from the conventional cooking vessels.It seals the steam inside, due to which the pressure inside the pot increases and the liquid is pushed to give rise to the boiling temperature.

The temperature in a Pressure Cooker may rise up to 121 degree Celsius (or around 250 degree Fahrenheit) in a Pressure Cooker. The Pressure Regulator on the lid is indicates the required pressure level. The pressure can be maintained by adjusting or lowering the heat source, since excess pressure gets vented out.

Thus Pressure Cooker does nothing more than creating steam pressure with which raw food is cooked easily. The modern day Pressure Cookers are far more advanced and come loaded with many convenient and safety features, which makes cooking, a smooth experience.

Tips to choose the right pressure cooker

Pressure-cooker is such an amazing tool in the kitchen.

Right selection and right procedure of cooking will serve its durability and efficiency thereby keeping it in good condition.

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Moreover, they not only are safer but also bring out some seriously hot and tasty food on your platter.

The bottom reason of choosing pressure cooker over other electric devices or ovens is that pressure cooker can get to high temperatures without drying out your food.

The below given points will give you a better idea as what to look for and look out for when you shop for a pressure cooker.

When you have made an ideal plan to choose stove-top pressure cooker over electric cooker with thick and heavy heat coating at the bottom and straight sides to ensure that there is no prolonged heating and interior scorching.

A wider and more flat pot is better than a tall one as it is ideally suitable for easy and fast cooking.

Also adding up to this, a wider cooking base allows you to cook on a large burner. It can also handle recipes that need browning before adding liquid and sealing the cooker.

Choose a cooker that has an easy-to-see indicator that it is at pressure, as opposed to one that requires you to be close to look down into a hole to see whether it has reached its pressure point.

Also, choose a cooker that prevents evaporation during cooking and minimizes steam loss. This is a way to ensure that your food won’t burn inside the cooker.

Moreover, keep in mind the above-mentioned points while picking over the authorised pressure cooker manufacturers in Kolkata.

Ultimately, it is in your hands to probe and shop for a good ones as all pressure cookers are not designed the same way.

However, try picking up the ideal pressure cooker that makes cooking fast and serves in good condition for the long haul.