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Which One Is Better, Pressure Cooking Or Open Cooking?

Varieties of baked, fried, boiled, and steamed dishes are cooked in Pressure Cooker. But open cooking and pressure cooking is different from each other.

Cooking is an art and to enhance your cooking skills, it is necessary to use the correct utensils in the right ways. Before one ascertains which one is healthier, it is essential to know how cooking in a Pressure Cooker differs from open cooking in terms of the cooking method and the effects of cooking on the nutritional value of the dish prepared. Continue reading Which One Is Better, Pressure Cooking Or Open Cooking?

Save Gas by using Pressure Cooker

How To Cook Healthy With Non-Stick Pressure Cooker?

Often there lies confusion as whether non-stick cookers are good to perform healthy cooking? Or it is correct to abandon the product citing the presence of some toxic chemicals getting contemplated with the cooked food. The new age cookware available on the marketplace underwent a gradual technological change. In tune to the stylish the cookware looked, cooking on these pots has to be quick as well as healthy. Health has been a major thinking segment both to the buyer as well to the owners. Back in the 1940’s some non-stick pressure cookers were chemically tested to preserve the amount of Teflon, extremely hazardous for human health.

Continue reading How To Cook Healthy With Non-Stick Pressure Cooker?

Different Types of Pressure Cooker

When you are running for office, helping your kids to get ready for school, it becomes difficult for you to cook. Obviously you won’t be able to compromise with your health either. To cook fast and to cook healthy only pressure cooker can be your best friend. It cooks in a few minutes. Since the like remains close, there are low chances of losing the nutrients through steam. It also helps to retain the actual taste of the food.

In today’s fast paced life, it is necessary to spend as less time as possible in kitchen. To do that pressure cooker will help you a lot. Especially after invention of induction ovens, pressure cooker has become more essential. While you are going to buy some pressure cooker product you need to know how many types of cooker are available in the market.

Pressure Cooker Products

If we go by material then there are two types of pressure cooker.

  1. Aluminium pressure cooker
  2. Stainless steel pressure cooker

1. Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Aluminium pressure cookers are easily available in the market. They are less expensive too. However, they are not sturdy. Since a cooker has to handle extreme heat, aluminium cookers are never a good idea. They easily become affected by the heat. So, it is never suggested to buy an aluminium pressure cooker.

2. Stainless Steel Cooker

easie_1ltr_3Stainless steel is a sturdy material. It can withstand extreme, heat and rough handling. Go for stainless steel pressure cooker when you are going to shop for pressure cooker. It is expensive but the price is worth it.

Pressure cooker has gone through a lot of stages of development and improvement since its inception. There are three generation of pressure cooker.

  • First Generation Cooker

These traditional type pressure cookers work only in one pressure mode. These cookers operate on technique of weight bearing valve. The usage option of this cooker is limited and it is noisy.

  • Second Generation Cooker

These cookers have spring loaded valves and it helps to increase or decrease the pressure.

  • Third Generation Cooker

These new generation pressure cookers are electric and equipped with programmed microchips. It records and reviews many data while food is cooking inside the cooker.

Know your own requirements and choose the right pressure cooker for you.

Why You Must have a Pressure Cooker in your Kitchen

When you are running around to keep up with the fast pace of life and thinking how to strike balance between work and nutrition it becomes quite a struggle. But when you have the utility utensil like pressure cooker in your kitchen you have nothing to worry about.

Probably there is some distant memory of a bursting pressure cooker and the splattered food everywhere doesn’t let you use it frequently but I will tell you it is safer now. Pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with the products that are safe to use and does not cause accidents.


Save Gas by using Pressure Cooker


Now, if you are thinking about what benefits you can get from using a pressure cooker, take a look at the following benefits. You will be amazed.

Retain the Taste and Nutrients

As while cooking in a pressure cooker you are cooking in an enclosed pot it becomes easier to retain the taste and the nutrients. I an open stove top pan most of the nutrients and taste gets evaporated with the steam. But in the case of pressure cooking as steam remains trapped in the food could retain most of the nutrients and taste.

Fast Cooking and Energy Saver

As the food gets cooked in the enclosed space of pressure cooker, the heat remains trapped in the cooker itself. As a result, it quickens the cooking procedure a lot. It also results in saving a lot of energy too as cooking is happening in a fast pace.

Cooler and Cleaner Kitchen

The pressure cooker doesn’t let the juices to spill on the kitchen counter top. It also lets your kitchen remain cool as the heat remains inside the pot only.

Invest in pressure cooker products and make cooking an easy breezy affair.

The right pressure cooker for your home

A pressure cooker is highly important

The modern methods of cooking indeed have become much more sophisticated and hassle free. Microwave ovens are probably one of the greatest inventions allowing anyone to prepare a delectable dish within a few minutes.It,however,runs on electricity and one cannot simply rely on a microwave oven for everyday meal preparations. Thus it is a good idea to have some basic kitchen appliances and a gas oven which certainly will come in handy. While shopping for kitchen appliances,one must make sure to get the pressure cooker.If you are going to stay alone at a place you might think that there is no real need of having a pressure cooker,but the fact is it is one of the best cooking appliances available and will save a lot of time and energy for you.

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Types of pressure cooker

Pressure cooker comes in many varieties.In the Indian market among the major pressure cooker products are the basic pressure cooker with fixed pressure range.However,in the western countries pressure cookers with various functionalities and variable pressure setup are available,which is pretty much like the microwave oven,only the controls are on the lid.If you are going to be in India it will be better to stick to the basic pressure cooker products since you will get easy replacement of any part if damaged,and also for a single person it is unnecessary to invest too much into the pressure cooker.

Choose the right pressure cooker

If you are not well aware of the types of pressure cookers available in the market,here is a basic guide that will help you choose the perfect pressure cooker for yourself –

      • Capacity – Pressure cookers come in various capacities.Make sure you have the right capacity suitable for your purpose.The Indian pressure cooker models come in terms of “litres” denoting the quantity.
      • Lid locking mechanism – Check this is simple and you can use this conveniently.
      • Pressure – Go for the one which gives an extra option in terms of pressure weight.
      • Safety Valve – Check if the safety valve is properly operational.
    • Warranty – Go for the reputable one with maximum warranty period.

Why You should Cook in Pressure Cooker

There must be the whistling utensil in your cupboard in the kitchen that you always wanted to use but wasn’t sure about it.Probably it is the old memory of bursting and splattering food everywhere in the whole kitchen,still haunts you. But that was long before.Pressure cooker has gone through a lot of changes since then.It has become safer and more useful too.

When you are rushing for office or running with your kids you need to do everything much faster. You need to cook fast too.But that does not mean necessarily that you will  compromise with your food and nutrition.Pondering over how to do it? Well,the solution is in your hand.The pressure cooker and pressure cooker products have too many benefits to count.What are they?Take a look.

Food Retain Nutrients and Taste :-

When you are cooking on a stovetop pan,most of the nutrients get evaporated and a very less food value remains of it.It takes more time to cook in the open pan.The longer it is cooked,the more nutrients will be evaporated.But when it is cooked in pressure cooker,a quite little quantity of food gets evaporated with steam.At the same time,the shorter time of cooking makes it possible to retain the colour and flavor of the food too. As a result the food retains most of the nutrients and taste of the food.


Energy Saver :-

Pressure cooking saves a lot of energy.When you are boiling in one pot and cooking in the other,it becomes the reason of wastage of energy.With pressure cooker you cook in one single pot in a quite shorter time.As a result a lot of energy gets saved.

Cool and Clean Kitchen :-

Pressure cooker also helps to maintain the cooler atmosphere in kitchen.When you are cooking on the stove top,automatically it increases the temperature of kitchen.It becomes quite difficult for you to work in a heated kitchen for a long time.Pressure cooker helps to maintain the normal temperature in the kitchen.

It also prevents the juices and the sauces to spill and cause a mess in the kitchen.

Go past of the hesitation and start using the pressure cooker.It is a lot safer and more convenient way to cook.

Choose the right pressure cooker for an effective lifestyle

Pressure cookers are modern man’s best friend
Pressure cooker is the fastest means of cooking food.In the current lifestyle,when we do not have the luxury of spending much time in the kitchen,pressure cooker is our best friend.With time the pressure cooker has also evolved including many new technologies and making our lives easier.So,if you are going to buy one, make sure you have done your homework to know more about the various types of pressure cooker products.


Types of pressure cooker products
New technology has indeed made our life easier and our appliances smarter.As in the case with every other product,you will get a wide range of pressure cooker products as well,categorised into the following types –

First Generation –The first generation pressure cookers are the simplest kind and also the most affordable among the ones currently available in the market.These pressure cookers come with an airtight lid and a weight bearing valve on top to control the pressure.

Second Generation –The second generation pressure cookers have a spring weight bearing valve which can be calibrated to increase or decrease the pressure within the cooker.This offers a little more flexibility in terms of cooking options as compared to the first generation ones.

Third Generation –The third generation is the most recent and advanced among all types of pressure cooker products.These have in-built microchip which helps in calibration of internal pressure.The chip also calculates the status of cooking within the cooker and measures if the pressure is too high or low.This is the most preferred type as well among the current buyers.

Pressure Cooker Accessories India
Pressure Cooker Accessories India

Choice of metal
There has been a long standing debate on whether aluminium pressure cooker is better or the stainless steel ones.To be honest,there are pros and cons of both the products.The aluminium pressure cookers most certainly get heated quicker than the stainless steel products.On the other hand, the stainless steel pressure cookers are much more durable and sturdy and do not react to any type of food.Also the third generation pressure cooker products are available in stainless steel models.Depending on your budget you may choose any one that suits your purpose well.

The Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Though pressure cooker has become an indispensable item in our everyday kitchen, yet there are many people who are still refusing to use pressure cooker.

It is probably because some distant memory of a shrill of pressure cooker followed by a burst that must have splattered food to every corner of the kitchen as well as pristine ceiling too.

But these days the reputed brands like Hawkings, Prestige or Sunkwik are coming up with pressure cooker products that are safe and your best friend in kitchen too.

pressure cooker

It is quite well known fact that pressure cookers ensure faster cooking. But do you know that cooking in pressure cooker has other benefits too? What are those benefits? Take a look of the points given below.

Saves the Nutrients

When you are cooking in a traditional stove top cookware, it is natural that all the nutrients will evaporate with the steam. The more you will cook it, the fewer nutrients will remain intact.

Pressure cooker should be your first choice if you want to cook and eat healthy. Nutrients will be preserved as the food will be cooked in closed pot using a very little amount of water.

As a result the food will not only be healthy, it will retain their colour too. You will be able to have their distinct taste as well.

Time and Energy Saver

When you are in a hurry of preparing your children for school or rushing for office, only a pressure cooker can save the time that you can utilise otherwise. As the food will be cooked in an enclosed place, the heat will increase the speed of cooking. It will also save energy. Since it will take a little time to cook, there will be no need to keep the gas on in high flame for a long time.

Cool and Clean Kitchen

When you are cooking stove-top, the spray, the oil and the remnants of food makes the whole counter dirty. On the other hand pressure cooker does not generate such dirt. Moreover it helps to keep the atmosphere cool in kitchen. Since the food is not heated openly, the kitchen remains cool and odour free.

Since now you know there are so many benefit of pressure cooker why are you still pondering over the safety? Let me tell you, the reputed companies now ensure that the safety controls are at place when you are buying a pressure cooker. Cook healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy.

Get your pressure cooker products from reputed brands

If you are planning to buy a pressure cooker, it is always advisable that you purchase stainless steel pressure cooker. These cookers are extremely durable. While purchasing the cookers, always choose the manufacturers who have good reputation in the market. Stainless steel cookers are known to be safe if are from a known brand.

Pressure Cooker Products
Pressure Cooker Products

While buying pressure cookers check out if the manufacturers are in the business for a considerable number of years, the customer reviews they have got and whether they are providing replacement pressure cooker products. In case you lose any of the accessories such as cooker pressure regulator or body handle or gasket or screw, you may contact the manufacturers who sell pressure cooker accessories in India.

Pressure cooker manufacturers design cookers by keeping individuals in mind. You will get a variety of cookers in different quantity and shapes in the market. Depending on your requirement and type of food you will be preparing, you need to buy a pressure cooker. Buying pressure cooker of the right size of pressure cooker is very much important and has lots of advantages. The manufacturers always aim in improving the models of cookers and that too at affordable price.

When you buy pressure cooker you will a booklet which has a number of recipes which you can cook in pressure cooker. You will be surprised to see the wide variety of tasty recipes which you can cook in minutes.

Pressure cookers also promote the idea of “Go Green”. Since it takes less time to cook food, it consumes less fuel, thus leading to a greener earth.

How pressure cookers are the best choice among all the equipments in the modern kitchen?


Pressure cooker is no doubt the wisest choice of kitchen appliances to cut down on the working hours in the kitchen and also for making the food cooked in a much more nutritious way.

Pressure Cooker Products
Pressure Cooker Products

Pressure cooker is one of the most utilitarian devices in any kitchen offering utmost ease to the individuals working there for hours altogether. If you really need to get out of the kitchen fast finishing all the cooking stuff in a swift and easy way then you must make a pressure cooker your trusted companion. The pressure cooker products have become so very popular and have retained their popularity for such a long time just because of this very fact. A pressure cooker cooks your food in the most nutritious way and retains the entire vitamin and other essential food values absolutely intact. The equipment helps in cooking the food in a situation which is totally made of steam and is more or less airless. Its mechanism is such that it helps in building up steam within the pot and the steam is actually super heated and increase the taste of the dish by intensifying the flavour stacked in the natural ingredients. The steam even cooks up the fat content which can be drained out afterwards. The best use of a cooker although lies in cooking up the vegetarian and low fat delicacies.

Now the pressure cooker manufacturers are making devices which bear extraordinary quality and they can be used on number of heat sources like propane, gas, magnetic, heat induction system, electric, solar and even on wood and charcoal. Since the device decrease the time of cooking hence they decrease consumption of energy. Therefore, it can be well said that the pressure cooker products are friendlier to the ecological system and hence better and wiser choices no doubt.