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Is Pressure Cooking an Absolute Safe Option For All?

Pressure cookers though are always on the advantageous side, do have certain disadvantages off their own. Though they do not act as setbacks, they help you get a better idea of the form of coking that you are opting for.

The facts remains undisputed that pressure cooking is definitely one of the best of cooking methods that can be opted by cooking enthusiasts. Yes there has been a lot of discussion in relation to the benefits that can be derived from the usage of a pressure cooker. However, did you have an idea of the fact that though pressure cooker manufacturers in India have been trying to manufacture the best of products, there still remains a number of drawbacks that refuse to cease. Continue reading Is Pressure Cooking an Absolute Safe Option For All?

9 Precautions Which Determine the Best Performance of a Pressure Cooker

sunkwik-pressure-cookerThe demand of rich functionality pressure cookers is rising remarkably throughout India due to their praiseworthy effectiveness but a user need to pay attention towards using a pressure cooker in the correct way to prevent its undesirable performance.

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Quick Tips on Efficient Usage of Pressure Cookers At Home

Taking into consideration the type of convenience that people get to derive via pressure cooking, all kinds of pressure cooker like an induction based pressure cooker to non-stick ones, have become  one of the most sought after cookware. However, people often tend to forget a few basic things in relation to the use of this utensil that results in a mayhem. Enlisted below are a few tips on how to use a pressure cooker back at your home.

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4 Essential Kitchen Utensils that are a Must Have at Your Home

12 nov


Talking of utensils there are a variety of utensils that you can choose from the market, but then there is no point in overloading your kitchen with unnecessary products. Thus the choice to buy a pressure cooker or any other cookware should be made as per your requirement. Make sure that you select utensils that will make your work a lot easier. Keeping this in mind, below enlisted are some of the most common forms of utensils like a multipurpose pressure cooker that are a must have at your kitchen.
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Why Pressure Cooking is Beneficial

Keva 5 Litres
Keva 5 Litres

Pressure cooker has become an integral part of our daily life.From making cooking easier to retaining the nutrients in food, cooker is the champion in every sphere.Probably we all have this leaded pot in our kitchen shelf.But to know why pressure cooking is beneficial, read on the article.
While keeping up with the fast pace of life one can surely want to cook first or worse, compromise with food.But compromising with nutrition is not an option when you need to stay healthy.That is why you need something that will help you to cook healthy and eat healthy.
When you are rushing with your kids or running late for office, it is obvious that you will need to cook fast.But how to do that? It is when pressure cooker comes at your recue.
Pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with various products every day.Take a look to know what advantages pressure cooking offers.

The Other Name of Healthy Cooking:

When you are thinking about healthy cooking pressure cooker is the easiest way to ensure that.When food is cooked in the enclosed place of a pressure cooker the nutrients remain inside the pot.As a result it the food retains its food value and nutrition.

Faster and Safer Cooking:

As the heat also remain in the closed inside the pot.As a result it quickens the cooking process.It is true that pressure cooking was quite risky in the past. But now it is much safer than before.Now the pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with the models that are safer to use.

Cooler Kitchen:


Cooking in open pots and pans means a scorching kitchen.But if you cook in pressure cooker it will mean a much cooler kitchen.It reduces the temperature as it retains all the heat inside it.

Cleaner Kitchen Utensils:

As it is cooked in an enclosed place there is no chance of spilling the juices on the stove top.On the other hand when you cook in an open stove top pan juices and spices often spills and makes your kitchen messy.

Choose the right pressure cooker for your kitchen and cook healthy.

The Benefits of Pressure Cooking

When you are running to keep up with the fast pace of life you need to cook first too. It is true when you are running around to reach office at the right time or preparing kids for school you need to cook fast too. You can’t compromise with the food value. And you shouldn’t either. But how you will be able to accomplish the mission?

Pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with different types of products that can not only suit your demand but also will make cooking an easier and fun process. You must be thinking why you should resort to a pressure cooker and what benefits does it offer. Take a look.

Image courtesy : sunkwik
Image courtesy : sunkwik

Saves the Nutrients

As while cooking in a pressure cooker the food and the nutrients remains trapped in an enclosed place, it retains most of the food value. In the case of stove top cooking most of the nutrients gets evaporated with the steam. But for pressure cooking the story is totally different.

Time and Energy Saver

Stove top cooking in an open pan takes quite a lot of time. As the heat evaporates with time in an open pot it remains trapped in a pressure cooker. When you are cooking in an induction based pressure cooker the trapped heat in the utensil makes the cooking process faster.

Cool and Clean Kitchen

Was in the case of pressure cooking there are little chance of spilling the juice on the stove top the kitchen remains clean. On the other hand the heat remains enclosed and that make sure that you can cook in a much cooler place.

Since now you know there are so many benefit of pressure cooker why are you still pondering over the safety? Let me tell you, the reputed companies now ensure that the safety controls are at place when you are buying a pressure cooker. Cook healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy.

Best Tips to Cook in Pressure Cooker

Did you know that the pressure cooker decreases cooking times?Here are some top recipes which you can cook in pressure cooker and an info-graphic,to quickly clarify the time savings and ease of pressure cooking rice and grains.

When compared with conventional cookery,most foods cook 70% faster with 50% less fuel in a pressure cooker.Imagine brown rice in 15 minutes,lentil and broccoli soup in two minutes.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to get absolutely edible grains.Remember these while you are cooking in a pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker products
Before you leave the kitchen area do check the cooking time and proportion.Each of the grain needs to re-hydrate entirely with exact quantity of fluid.The pressure cooking time chart is recommended while cooking.

The food grains expand to once or double and you don’t want them to get any place close to the cover of the cooker.So,don’t fill the pressure cooker more than half way with the food preparation water/fluid.

While cooking,add a bit of fat such as a bit of butter,oil or ghee,whichever goes with your recipe all along with the grains.The oil,butter will decrease the quantity of froth that is produced while the grains boil under pressure.

Maintain the 10-minute normal release method after cooking is done.Almost all food grains should be opened using this process and it is one the most delicate pressure cooker opening methods that ensures no starch/foam comes scattering out of the cooker valve while you open the lid of the cooker.

Formerly all pressure cookers had an external,detachable pressure gauge and they were made of aluminum.Now newer models are in stainless steel and have a built-in,almost silent pressure indicator with only one or two automatic settings.

So now the pressure cookers are much easy to operate.According to the Pressure cooker manufacturer companies,single-level pressure cookers are easy to monitor,safe and perfectly adequate for home use.

Why Pressure Cooker is becoming a Must-have in Every Kitchen?

In the morning when you are rushing for work or preparing your kids for school,a whistling sound from your kitchen is quite normal these days.It is nothing but just a covered pot that comes to our rescue whenever you are in some hurry.

To keep up with the faster pace of life,a pressure cooker is becoming a must have in every kitchen. Especially after the invention of induction ovens,pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with new designs cookers with advanced utility.It is helpful as it helps you to cook faster than anything. But it cannot be the only benefit of it.Otherwise the demand of this utensil would have never reached such height.

pressure cooker
What are the benefits that you can get for cooking in pressure cookers?Take a look and find out :-

1.) Food cooked in pressure cooker retains most of the nutrients and taste.When you are cooking in an open stove top the nutrients evaporates with the steam.But when you are cooking in pressure cooker,it lets the right amount of steam to go out. As a result most of the nutrients remain in the pot.The food also becomes tastier than the food cooked in open pot.

2.) The pressure cooking process saves energy.Since the food is cooked in closed pot,it is cooked faster.It results in saving energy.Open pot cooking needs more heat for a longer period.Pressure cooking compensates that energy loss.

3.) It helps to cook faster.Undoubtedly when you are cooking in an open pot it takes a lot of time to prepare any dish.But pressure cooking has become the synonym of fast cooking.

4.) Pressure cooking helps to retain the healthy,hygienic and cool atmosphere in the kitchen.The stove top remains clean and the atmosphere remains cool.The food never spills out and it saves your labor too.It also reduces he foul smell after cooking.

So,from next morning when you will be in rush,don’t forget to bring out your best friend from cupboard.Eat healthy,stay healthy.

Pressure cookers for every kitchen

The all-rounder pressure cooker

There definitely isn’t a household kitchen which does not have a pressure cooker. It is one of the most popular and definitely one of the most efficient kitchen equipment available. The introduction of pressure witnessed a huge popularity and ever increasing demand because of the dramatic reduction in cooking time by using a pressure cooker. Besides being a cooking apparatus, pressure cooker also found its usage in sterilizing jars and bottles. Even till date pressure cooker is the preferred means of sterilization of baby bottles.

pressure cooker

The evolution of pressure cooker

Over the decades, since its inception, pressure cooker has undergone huge transformation. The basic models which the pressure cooker manufacturers first introduced was made completely of aluminium, a soft metal which heat up pretty fast, reducing the fuel consumption in heating the utensil. The top lid of the pressure cooker keeps the utensil air tight. A weight placed on the top nozzle regulates the pressure within the cooker. This pressure that this model can generate within is fixed. Later the pressure cooker manufacturers introduced the model with a spring loaded top weight. The adjustment of the spring allows the user to regulate the pressure within the cooker. This allows the user to use the same pressure cooker for a variety of purpose. The most recent variety of pressure cooker available in the market is the electric pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker has a microchip and an IC which allows the user to monitor and control the pressure within the cooker, depending upon the food item being cooked. There are preset functions available as well which makes it easy for the user to determine the amount of pressure that will be required for certain type of item. The microprocessor also monitors the quality of the food being prepared and prevents overcooking and preservation of nutrients of the food.

mini pressure cooker

Pressure cooker manufacturers and sellers

There are a number of pressure cooker manufacturers available in the market. One can check out the various models being offered and the price tag on each type, and decide to settle for the one providing maximum value for money. Online stores are also common and useful when it comes to shopping for pressure cooker.

Few tips on buying the best pressure cooker for your home

How to choose the best pressure cooker for yourself :-

Are you planning to buy a pressure cooker shortly?Pressure cookers are indeed one of the best cooking appliances available and save a lot of time and money in terms of fuel consumption.But there are a few points you need to check while buying a new pressure cooker –

•There are a number of pressure cooker manufacturer and each of them are marketing their product at their best.You must remember that the highest price does not always determine superior quality. So check for the one which will be most efficient and comes at a reasonable price.

•The pressure within a pressure cooker is vital for cooking food in short time.Most pressure cooker manufacturer mentions the psi value in the product specification.The higher the psi the more is the pressure created within the cooker and the shorter time it would need to cook the food.Generally a pressure cooker must have a minimal psi value. In US pressure cooker manufacturers have been directed to manufacture cookers which have a minimal 15 psi to destroy any microbe within the food.Nowadays you can also get pressure cookers which let you control the pressure.

•The size of the pot is important too.You should get such a size which will be enough for the entire family.It is advisable to keep at least two different sized cooker if you have a small family and at times a number of guests visit you for a few days.

•Warranty is an important thing to consider as well.Since most pressure cooker manufacturers provide a general duration of warranty,most of us forget to consider this point.However,it is very important that you check if you are getting a warranty long enough to justify the price of the product.

•Availability of spare parts should also be a point to consider.If your pressure cooker manufacturer is a new one in the market or if the product range is fairly new,chances are that you will have to depend only on the company when any problem arises post warranty.

Keep these few points in mind and you can get yourself a decent pressure cooker and enjoy cooking at its best.