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Uses Of Different Types Of Pressure Cooker Accessories

The different types of Pressure Cooker Accessories India are used in different ways for preparing different types of tasty delicacies.

If one is planning to buy a modern Multipurpose Pressure Cooker, then one must buy the accessories also along with the cooker in order to try out ample of variations in one single pot that is the pressure cooker. With the invention of these accessories it has become possible to prepare diverse delicacies in the instant pot without wasting time and money on other cookware. Some of the accessories are the steamer baskets, trivets, ramekins, pudding bowls, gasket, baking moulds, etc. Continue reading Uses Of Different Types Of Pressure Cooker Accessories

Accessories That Make or Break Your Pressure Cooker

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Pressure cookers have become the ultimate tool for smart cooking and they are an indispensible part of every domestic kitchen today. The steam build up inside the utensil quickens the process of cooking to a great extent and thereby helps save up on cooking fuel. Requiring less oil, it is also a rather healthy choice, because of which the fast moving crowd who is highly health conscious holds it with high regards. Getting a cooker induction base is no longer a choice but a necessity in urban areas. But even though it is a pretty common element, a lot of people are not particularly familiar with the intricate design which goes behind it. Continue reading Accessories That Make or Break Your Pressure Cooker

The Perfect Necessities for Purchasing an Induction Based Cooker

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Keeping it healthy is what we all want to keep it to. Speaking of this, making an investment in buying a pressure cooker might actually sound to be a great deal in itself. Induction based pressure cookers have transpired into one of the favourites of the genre. They have been exhibiting some amazing properties of their own that have helped added on to the popularity of the same. Nevertheless, you do need to have a fair amount of idea on what options you might bank on to choose the perfect induction cooker for your kitchen. Continue reading The Perfect Necessities for Purchasing an Induction Based Cooker

Pressure Cooker versus Classic Method of Cooking – Which Is Better?

best pressure cookers,pressure cooker accessoriesThe pressure cooker is always considered to be the king among all the other home appliances in an Indian kitchen. A pressure cooker is one of the item which is not only present in every kitchen but also it is considered to be the fastest way of cooking than any form of a traditional method.

Continue reading Pressure Cooker versus Classic Method of Cooking – Which Is Better?

9 Beneficial Features Which Make a Pressure Cooker a Must-Buy

Today, a pressure cooker is an indispensable kitchen appliance for all families. It ensures faster, easier and better cooking as compared to manual cooking. An ideal pressure cooker is the particular pressure cooker which comfortably satisfies each and every cooking requirement of the customer and which makes cooking an enjoyable hobby as well as a prosperous profession.

ideal pressure cooker

Today, pressure cookers are available in the market of different attractive designs and different functionalities depending on distinct coking requirement sets. Continue reading 9 Beneficial Features Which Make a Pressure Cooker a Must-Buy

How Much Reliable Are The Heat Proof Containers For Your Foods?

Online shopaholics are finding a happy time thinking they have the right kind of pressure cooking accessories at hand. How far is it true? To some, it is just a business quirk fetching too much attention from the homemakers and cooking champs. An oppositional reaction against these came from the culinary experts at home and at the various food stations who think the twist in the tale have increased the nutritional equation greatly. Continue reading How Much Reliable Are The Heat Proof Containers For Your Foods?

Get the best pressure cooker with minimum effort

The importance of pressure cooker

Irrespective of the country one is residing in, there is hardly any household which does not have a pressure cooker in the kitchen. A pressure cooker is the most time and fuel saving option invented till date. No matter if the person is using a flame heater or a electric heater or an induction heater, pressure cooker is definitely the best when it comes to cooking within a short time period and also save fuel. First built almost a decade ago, the pressure cooker has undergone tremendous change in terms of design; however the basic principle still remains the same. The steam is trapped within the container and is used to increase the pressure within it. This results in low use of fuel to cook the contents of the pressure cooker. However, the wide variety of pressure cookers available in the market currently makes it important that one checks the pressure cooker one is going to buy and ensure it will suit the purpose.


Things to consider while buying pressure cooker –

  • The type of heater one will be using is important while selecting the right pressure cooker. There are different types of pressure cookers available for different types of ovens and one should check carefully that the pressure cooker is the right one for the type of oven one is going to use.
  • The locking mechanism must be checked in person. It should be easy and firm. Nothing sophisticated is advisable as this can lead to dangerous accidents in future.
  • If you are from India, make sure that the pressure cooker you are buying has a service centre nearby. All types of pressure cooker accessories in India might not suitable for the model you are about to buy. It is important to check the availability of the particular pressure cooker accessories in India.
  • Warranty is important and should be checked properly. It should have a decently long warranty.
  • The safety valve must be present in the cooker. It helps avoid many accidents.
  • Various types of pressure weights are available. Check if there are a variety of weights available along with the cooker.

The Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker in Your Kitchen

A pressure cooker is a sealed container with a control device/valve.It controls the steam pressure inside the pot.After placing the pot on the stove,the container heats up,the inside liquid forms into steam and creates pressure in the pot.The high pressure helps cook quicker.It was invented around 1600s by a Frenchman named Denis Papin.

This high pressure steam of a pressure cooker holds two most important effects:

  • Pressure cooker increases the boiling point of the water.Normal boiling point of water is 212o F,but with the steams pressure boiling point can get high to 250o F.This higher heat helps the food to cook faster.
  • It increases the pressure and it helps force fluid into the food rapidly,which helps it cook faster.It is very useful for certain foods,such as hard meat and few vegetables.

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For safety reasons,there are at least three valves in the modern pressure cookers.The three valves allow the mechanical release of pressure in case it builds up excessively high.Different valves are used for different cookers.You can get a range of pressure cooker accessories in India, for example:the valves and the gasket,which is a rubber ring and extremely important part of a pressure cooker.You need to keep the gasket clean and free from any food particles to make sure a good secure seal.

There are lots of beneficial purposes for using pressure cooker as kitchen equipment.Some of these include:

  • A pressure cooker consumes less water and time;holds more vitamins and minerals than conventional cooking process which gives the food a nutritional boost.
  • A pressure cooker is energy efficient.As a pressure cooker takes not as much of time,as a result the amount of energy consumed is condensed too.
  • Cooking in a pressure cooker is timesaving.One can cook food about 70 percent quicker.One can put all the ingredients together and just sit and relax.Pressure cooker will make it quicker.
  • Compared to usual stove-top or oven methods the kitchen remains much cooler if you are using a pressure cooker.As all the pressure and heat is trapped inside the pot,it doesn’t produce that much of heat.
  • You would usually need to clean up all the messy spatters after cooking,but while you are cooking your food with a covered pot,you don’t have to clean up immediately after cooking.

Pressure cooker buying guide for the beginners

Points to consider before buying pressure cooker

If you are setting up your own shelter,or beginning a new family life,pressure cooker is one of those items which must be bought for your kitchen. The pressure cooker is one of the greatest gifts of modern science.It helps in reducing fuel consumption by allowing the user to cook food in very short time.So,if you are going to buy your pressure cooker for the first time check out the following –


Capacity –The capacity of the pressure cooker pot should be right for the kind of family you are expecting to have.In case you are confused about which size will meet your demand,take some help from the sales executive present at the store.In case you are expecting guests occasionally,it is better to go for multiple sizes.

Compatibility –The pressure cooker must be compatible with both gas oven as well as induction oven.The use of induction oven is increasing by the day and thus it is important that whatever cooking utensil you buy should also have induction base.

Simple locking system –The pressure cooker should not have a complex locking system.Remember to check the locking system by opening and then locking the pressure cooker at the store.This is one of those features which should never be fancy.

Safety Valve availability – This is one of the most important pressure cooker accessories India.The Indian market still does not have many smart pressure cookers and the safety valve is of utmost importance in case there is come problem with the pressure release mechanism.

Heat resistant handles – A pressure cooker is subjected to high heat and thus all of its parts become hot.In order to properly work,the handle must have heat resistant coating.

Adjustable pressure control –If possible get the pressure cooker which allows changing and controlling the pressure within.

Warranty – Remember to check the warranty both on the pressure cooker and the pressure cooker accessories India.The warranty should be long enough to justify the use of the pressure cooker as compared to the price.Also remember to ask for the nearest service centre in case of emergency.

The Common Mistakes that Often You make in Pressure Cooking

Pressure cookers are the best friend of anyone who is always on the rush. When you are running for work or preparing your kids for school, pressure cooker helps you the most. But often it is the sole reason of bad cooking or sometimes accidents too.

But what is it that makes the cooking go wrong all the way? What are the mistakes you commit that results in such instances that is stopping you from using pressure cooker accessories to cook again? Take a look.


Over Cooking

It is the most common mistake that you often commit while using pressure cooker. When you are cooking meat, it is obvious that you will prefer tender meat. But if you are trying to overcook it even for two more minutes it will again become tight.

It often happens that you over cook again to make it tender and it becomes. But what you fail to understand is that it is actually falling apart. But with this whole process the meat becomes tasteless.

When you are cooking something in pressure cooker, try to use a recipe. You are probably thinking to achieve the same taste that your grandmother used to create.

But you are wondering even after using the same ingredients in the cooking, why it is not tasty as it used to be. You have probably no idea that the two extra minutes that is killing the taste of the food.

Extra Liquid

It is another mistake that you often make. There has to be some minimum quantity sunkwik_of cooking in your cooker. Generally jiggle top cookers need 1 cup of water and the spring valve model needs ½ cup of water.

If you are adding extra water then it will ruin the taste of the food and the spices will end up in the floating in the water. The vegetables and meat need not be drowned in water unless you are thinking about infusing cooking method.

Avoid these mistakes while cooking and taste a piece of health with pressure cooking.