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Buy Online Pressure Cooker To Cook Seamlessly In Minutes

Pressure cookers have always been the most versatile cookware of a kitchen. It is the best idea to browse the widest range and Buy Online Pressure Cooker instead of investing on separate cookware products.

Pressure cookers help to get rid of spending more time in kitchen to cook healthy meals. When we are late for office, a pressure cooker is the best choice to get the meal ready on the table in a couple of minutes. One does not have to compromise with health if pressure cooked foods are consumed. Negligible amount of nutrients are lost if food is cooked under the steam pressure. Moreover, the actual taste of the dish is retained in this type of cooking. There are different types of pressure cookers available now. The classification is done in terms of the materials, generation and purposes. Continue reading Buy Online Pressure Cooker To Cook Seamlessly In Minutes

Stay Safe And Secure While Cooking In Pressure Cooker

No matter whether you are using normal or Induction Based Pressure Cooker make sure that you use it safely. Here are some tips which you can follow while using the pressure cooker.

Do you like cooking in a pressure cooker or you become nervous while cooking it? We do have heard so many so many horror stories about cooking Induction Base Cooker as well.  Honestly, you must not worry about cooking in pressure cooker.  Also, all the modern pressure cookers come with wide variety of features that will ensure that you won’t face any explosion while cooking spaghetti or any other thing. Continue reading Stay Safe And Secure While Cooking In Pressure Cooker

The Perfect Necessities for Purchasing an Induction Based Cooker

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Keeping it healthy is what we all want to keep it to. Speaking of this, making an investment in buying a pressure cooker might actually sound to be a great deal in itself. Induction based pressure cookers have transpired into one of the favourites of the genre. They have been exhibiting some amazing properties of their own that have helped added on to the popularity of the same. Nevertheless, you do need to have a fair amount of idea on what options you might bank on to choose the perfect induction cooker for your kitchen. Continue reading The Perfect Necessities for Purchasing an Induction Based Cooker

Induction Stove is the Appliance of Choice for the New India

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Induction stove is the new hot favourite of Indian kitchens. When induction stove was introduced in the market about a decade ago, they were not so popular. People were enjoying cooking in their normal gas stove and were happy with it. But as the world economy changed rapidly and with it changed the Indian economy, the Indian consumer has faced some very serious and stiff choices. India became the fastest growing economy, the politics of the nation changed, the start-up culture took hold. The nuclear families started evolving in all the cities of the nation and the concept of the urban poor developed. The urban poor who had money for cigarettes and alcohol did not have the money to feed themselves. They could buy induction stove online in India and they could at least survive on the basic rice and dal.

Continue reading Induction Stove is the Appliance of Choice for the New India

Essential Plusses of a Stove Top and Induction Based Cooker

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Selecting the right kind of pressure cooker does turn out to be pretty controversial at all times. What needs to be understood while laying your hands on the best kind of cooker is the benefits that the appliances have to offer out to you at all times. Continue reading Essential Plusses of a Stove Top and Induction Based Cooker

All That You Need to Know About Pressure Cooking


The art of pressure cooking is not something that has developed in the recent times. It is known to have been prevalent for about a hundred years now. Through the years, pressure cookers have developed in an amazing way owing to the owing to the large scale technological development that has taken place.

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Finding Differences Within the Types of Pressure Cookers and Tawas

Pressure cookers and Tawas are two commonly used cooking utensils at home. However, the influx of smarter appliances has revolutionised the kitchen set up altogether. At the same, it has responsibly been comparing each of the product of the same genre. Say, how the microwave has its own area of difference in terms of the ones which are convections. Similar to that we will be addressing how induction based pressure cookers compare with stove top pressure cookers. Again what is the basic area of dissimilarity between dosa tawa and the roti tawa?
sunkwik Continue reading Finding Differences Within the Types of Pressure Cookers and Tawas

Brew Up a Hearty Meal with the Best Non Stick Cooker


Pressure cookers definitely act as one of the best means in which food can be cooked when in a hurry. In fact this utensil is not something new that has been incorporated in the list of cookware in the recent times. It has been years since the first pressure cooker was invented.

Keeping in mind the technological advancements in the present times, there has been a large scale hike in the varieties of cookers. Companies like Sunkwik make it a point to provide their clients with everything ranging from an induction pressure cooker all the way to the simplified electric ones. Among various things that have added on to the growing popularity of these products one of the most vital points that need to be noted is that the present range of cookers help save a lot of time as well as energy while cooking. Moreover gone are the days when utensils of this sort created a major whole in the pocket of the purchaser.
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Health and Other Benefits that a Pressure Cooker Offers

When you are running around the house for preparing the lunch of yours and your children you need to cook fast. But fast cooking does not essentially mean to compromise with taste and health. To cook fast and to cook smart one needs to use a pressure cooker. Probably it is some distant memory of childhood of bursting a cooker and food splattered everywhere in the kitchen prevents you from using the cooker. But these days manufacturers are coming with the safest models of pressure cooker that are making cooking easier and safer.

From general pressure cooker accessories to induction based pressure cooker, the manufacturers are coming up with whole new lot to choose from.

Make Your Food Delicious

Take a look of the benefits that a pressure cooker offers.

Healthy and Tasty Cooking :-

While cooking in a pressure cooker the liquid remains in the enclosed pot. As a result the food retains its taste and nutrition. In stove top cooking the food value evaporates with the steam. But in pressure cooker you can cook healthier food.

Cleaner Kitchen :-

When you are cooking in a stove top pan there is always risk of the food and juices to get spilled. As a result the stove top or the cooking counter becomes dirty and messy. It is never a good idea to cook in messy place because of hygiene. Pressure cooker helps you to keep the place clean and tidy.

Cooler Kitchen :-

Stove top cooking increases heat in a kitchen. Kitchen is the area where you spend most of the time of your day. If you can keep the atmosphere cool in the kitchen you will find cooking more comfortable. Pressure cooker prevents the heat to get spread in the whole kitchen and helps you make it comfortable for you.

Invest in induction based pressure cooker online and pressure cooker accessories and cook fast and safe.

Cook Easy & Cook Better:The Basics of Induction Base Pressure Cooker

You have wasted ample of time in your kitchen before you figured out how to cook with an induction base pressure cooker. Induction cooking turns the pressure cooker’s base into the heat supply,as heating only at the base of the cooker to cook the foodstuff!So,it is a good idea to cook with induction base pressure cooker.Generally an electric burner only passes on 47% energy to the container and induction burner passes on 90% of its power to the container.So pair your pressure cooker with an induction burner and make your household into an energy saving star!

Here are the few basics which you can follow while using induction bas pressure cooker:

You don’t have to pre-heat the cooker before cooking.You’ll be getting burnt oil and burnt vegetables otherwise.On induction the container’s surface gets scorching and all set to sauté in instantly.

Firstly,make a portion of the aromatics,before tossing oil to sauté’,immediately switch on the induction burner.Do not bring the cooker to pressure on high heat.

Bring the pressure cooker on medium heat to pressure or fasten the cooking time to recompense for the lower pressure cooking temperature.

Right after you have adjusted the temperature, don’t walk off from a filled or large cooker.

Make sure that you are using the induction burner’s timer to set the cooking time so the burner turns itself off involuntarily.If under cooked, lock the pressure cooker and cook for a suitable amount of additional time.

Most foods with moist heat such as boiled,steamed,and stewed are appropriate for induction pressure cooking.

In pressure cooking liquid quantity ordinarily has to be reduced and there is little evaporation,so make sure that there is enough liquid for the entire cooking time.

When you are cooking bring cooker to full operating pressure on medium heat and reduce the temperature immediately when full pressure is reached. Briefly take out the cooker from heat if the steam seems to be evacuating too powerfully.