Buy Online Pressure Cooker To Cook Seamlessly In Minutes

Pressure cookers have always been the most versatile cookware of a kitchen. It is the best idea to browse the widest range and Buy Online Pressure Cooker instead of investing on separate cookware products.

Pressure cookers help to get rid of spending more time in kitchen to cook healthy meals. When we are late for office, a pressure cooker is the best choice to get the meal ready on the table in a couple of minutes. One does not have to compromise with health if pressure cooked foods are consumed. Negligible amount of nutrients are lost if food is cooked under the steam pressure. Moreover, the actual taste of the dish is retained in this type of cooking. There are different types of pressure cookers available now. The classification is done in terms of the materials, generation and purposes.

According to the material used there are generally three types of pressure cookers. They are: –

  • Aluminium pressure cookers – These are most easily available and are less expensive. This type is not so sturdy as compared to the other types. Since pressure cookers have to handle tremendous heat so aluminium bodied ones are not a good choice. This metal gets quickly affected by the extremely high temperature.
  • A stainless steel pressure cooker – Stainless steel is considered to be a sturdy material and can easily handle extreme heat. These are a bit expensive.
  • Non-stick layered anodized pressure cookers – These are made to avoid sticking of the ingredients to the inner walls of the cooker and are quite costly.

When the cookers are classified in terms of purposes then generally two types are found which are: –

  • Single-purpose pressure cooker – These types of pressure cookers are manufactured to handle an introverted pressure cooker setting. These can be either the ones which run on electricity or the ones with valve based stovetops.
  • Multi-purpose pressure cookers – These are intended to do multitask. The products of this range can be used to steam, bake, burn, boil or fry the raw ingredients. These pressure cookers are fitted with many supplements, several alternatives and adjustable pressure and temperature settings.

In terms of generation there are three types or these airtight instant pots.

  • First generation pressure cookers – These are the oldest and the most traditional models of pressure cookers and work under a single pressure mode. The cookers are operated with the weight bearing valve technique. Food gets cooked in these when the required number of whistles comes out of those valves. Hence, the usage option is limited and quite noisy due to the high-pitching sound of the whistles.
  • Second generation pressure cookers – These types are fitted with spring loaded valves. Pressure can be increased or reduced as per the requirement.
  • Third or the latest generation of pressure cookers – These are the newest models of pressure cookers. Many of these also run on electricity and are featured with programmable microchips. Temperature and pressure records are maintained while the food gets cooked inside the cooker.

The models and functions of the normal and induction pressure cookers are almost same with just a single difference that lied in the type of base of the cookers. An Induction Pressure Cooker has a flattened bottom to sit perfectly on the flat surface of the induction ovens.

Browse to explore the different types, capacities and designs and Buy Online Pressure Cooker in the best price.