Best Tips to Cook in Pressure Cooker

Did you know that the pressure cooker decreases cooking times?Here are some top recipes which you can cook in pressure cooker and an info-graphic,to quickly clarify the time savings and ease of pressure cooking rice and grains.

When compared with conventional cookery,most foods cook 70% faster with 50% less fuel in a pressure cooker.Imagine brown rice in 15 minutes,lentil and broccoli soup in two minutes.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to get absolutely edible grains.Remember these while you are cooking in a pressure cooker.

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Before you leave the kitchen area do check the cooking time and proportion.Each of the grain needs to re-hydrate entirely with exact quantity of fluid.The pressure cooking time chart is recommended while cooking.

The food grains expand to once or double and you don’t want them to get any place close to the cover of the cooker.So,don’t fill the pressure cooker more than half way with the food preparation water/fluid.

While cooking,add a bit of fat such as a bit of butter,oil or ghee,whichever goes with your recipe all along with the grains.The oil,butter will decrease the quantity of froth that is produced while the grains boil under pressure.

Maintain the 10-minute normal release method after cooking is done.Almost all food grains should be opened using this process and it is one the most delicate pressure cooker opening methods that ensures no starch/foam comes scattering out of the cooker valve while you open the lid of the cooker.

Formerly all pressure cookers had an external,detachable pressure gauge and they were made of aluminum.Now newer models are in stainless steel and have a built-in,almost silent pressure indicator with only one or two automatic settings.

So now the pressure cookers are much easy to operate.According to the Pressure cooker manufacturer companies,single-level pressure cookers are easy to monitor,safe and perfectly adequate for home use.