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Finding Differences Within the Types of Pressure Cookers and Tawas

Pressure cookers and Tawas are two commonly used cooking utensils at home. However, the influx of smarter appliances has revolutionised the kitchen set up altogether. At the same, it has responsibly been comparing each of the product of the same genre. Say, how the microwave has its own area of difference in terms of the ones which are convections. Similar to that we will be addressing how induction based pressure cookers compare with stove top pressure cookers. Again what is the basic area of dissimilarity between dosa tawa and the roti tawa?
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Laudable Benefits of Pressure Cooker Back at Your Kitchen


A kitchen is necessarily empty if you do not have an efficient pressure cooker incorporated in it. All through the years of constant cooking, we have become well acquainted with the benefits of pressure cooker in details. But along with the cooker there comes several other benefits that we get from the act of pressure cooking. Keep aside the convenience provided; pressure cooking has been known to be one of the healthiest forms of cooking that can be availed.
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4 Essential Kitchen Utensils that are a Must Have at Your Home

12 nov


Talking of utensils there are a variety of utensils that you can choose from the market, but then there is no point in overloading your kitchen with unnecessary products. Thus the choice to buy a pressure cooker or any other cookware should be made as per your requirement. Make sure that you select utensils that will make your work a lot easier. Keeping this in mind, below enlisted are some of the most common forms of utensils like a multipurpose pressure cooker that are a must have at your kitchen.
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Brew Up a Hearty Meal with the Best Non Stick Cooker



Pressure cookers definitely act as one of the best means in which food can be cooked when in a hurry. In fact this utensil is not something new that has been incorporated in the list of cookware in the recent times. It has been years since the first pressure cooker was invented.

Keeping in mind the technological advancements in the present times, there has been a large scale hike in the varieties of cookers. Companies like Sunkwik make it a point to provide their clients with everything ranging from an induction pressure cooker all the way to the simplified electric ones. Among various things that have added on to the growing popularity of these products one of the most vital points that need to be noted is that the present range of cookers help save a lot of time as well as energy while cooking. Moreover gone are the days when utensils of this sort created a major whole in the pocket of the purchaser.
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How Much Reliable Are The Heat Proof Containers For Your Foods?

Online shopaholics are finding a happy time thinking they have the right kind of pressure cooking accessories at hand. How far is it true? To some, it is just a business quirk fetching too much attention from the homemakers and cooking champs. An oppositional reaction against these came from the culinary experts at home and at the various food stations who think the twist in the tale have increased the nutritional equation greatly. Continue reading

Save Gas by using Pressure Cooker

How To Cook Healthy With Non-Stick Pressure Cooker?

Often there lies confusion as whether non-stick cookers are good to perform healthy cooking? Or it is correct to abandon the product citing the presence of some toxic chemicals getting contemplated with the cooked food. The new age cookware available on the marketplace underwent a gradual technological change. In tune to the stylish the cookware looked, cooking on these pots has to be quick as well as healthy. Health has been a major thinking segment both to the buyer as well to the owners. Back in the 1940’s some non-stick pressure cookers were chemically tested to preserve the amount of Teflon, extremely hazardous for human health.

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Think On and Check On the Sunkwik Fry Pan

Non-stick is the frying pan, which tunes up different songs as found on the television, advising us to consume healthy and tastier foods.  The southern cuisine of India is known to make healthy and tasty breakfast or meals for its natives. The modern day world, through the eyes of a nutritionist, has been attempting to follow this agenda of oil free yet tasty diet. As the general food, items have an adequate amount of oil consumption, especially if one has to fry any of the ingredients or spices. Continue reading

Enjoy A Rhythmic Kitchen With Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Online

Cooking is one of the rarest brilliance that manifolds human life. This artistic pleasure underwent rapid transformation thanks to the technological evolution. With the making of smart cities, Smartphone, life has been found chanting too much to be “smart”. Intending to fulfil the cacophony of smart people occurring frequently at the kitchen, home appliance manufacturers aid stainless steel pressure cooker online. Continue reading

Know More About The Your Pressure Cooker Material

When the human being was searching for a cookware that could soften bonesin lesser time, he came across the multipurpose Pressure Cooker that not only solved his need for cooking fast but cooking well and too. The many methods, that could be tried through pressure cooking, was discovered later and slowly it made entry in the kitchens of the average households. The value of this wonderful device kept increasing since then. The new technology has brought new variations in them and thereby revolution in the lives of seasoned and non-serious cooks. Continue reading

About the Ideal Pressure Cookers for Modern Kitchens

The rise of the age of modular kitchens and electronic cooking appliances has made cooking a smooth experience. Preparation of food is more about exercising your creativity, than completing a monotonous chore.

The Induction cook tops are also among the rising stars of this welcoming change. The pressure cooker, being an important part of Indian Kitchens, whether modern or conventional has to be compatible with the induction cooking method. Therefore, pressure cooker with induction base has started gaining popularity.

Yes, it is true that induction heaters have changed the way of cooking to a great extent. The method uses utensils as the heat generators. The electric stoves create magnetic field that in turn generates friction in contact with the vessels. The cookware in friction causes heat to be produced.

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Some of the features of pressure cooking through this method are:

    • Since the cooking vessel directly absorbs the generated heat, the energy does not get wasted. In the gas or kerosene stoves, a lot of heat escapes from the sides. Thus the induction method is lot more energy efficient than the conventional methods.


    • The Pressure Cookers get heated only to a certain extent in this method. The lid and the sides remain cool while the base heats up. This makes it easy to hold the vessel with hands and without burning them.


    • This feature of bringing cookware to extreme temperature in lesser time enables more air to be trapped inside and cooks the food faster than other methods.


    • The temperature inside can be controlled using digital buttons. The heat that is produced is directly related to the electromagnetic field created and that can be increased or reduced as per requirement.


    • The safety offered by the induction pressure cookers is much higher than any other systems. This is because the process, by which it operates, does not release poisonous gases, unlike the combustion process that takes place in case of gas stoves. The chances of fire are reduced in this modern technique and even shocks are resisted.


  • One of the irritating functions of the gas stoves is that they burn the spillage on the cooktops or utensils, which needs to be cleaned frequently. This problem is done away with in case of food preparation in these electric based appliances. The Pressure Cookers of this variety, therefore, have shiny and smooth surface which look far better than the other types.


These lovely features combined with the reasonable prices makes an Induction Pressure Cooker, the ideal pressure cooker for the modern needs of today’s kitchens.


These lovely features combined with the reasonable prices makes an Induction Pressure Cooker, the ideal pressure cooker for the modern needs of today’s kitchens.