9 Precautions Which Determine the Best Performance of a Pressure Cooker

sunkwik-pressure-cookerThe demand of rich functionality pressure cookers is rising remarkably throughout India due to their praiseworthy effectiveness but a user need to pay attention towards using a pressure cooker in the correct way to prevent its undesirable performance.

Modern pressure cookers greatly speed up cooking keeping the nutrient-content intact. They have proved to be remarkably superior to manual cooking in cooking pans but to enjoy all the benefits of pressure cooking using a high quality pressure cooker, the product should be used in the most appropriate way. Esteemed pressure cooker manufacturers in India are offering all types of high efficiency pressure cookers which have made cooking incredibly faster in busy hours. But the way in which a high quality pressure cooker is used determines its effectiveness. A cook should follow a number of do’s and don’ts to enjoy the most satisfying cooking performance from a pressure cooker.

A cook must be careful of the following

Following the user manual

The user manual which comes with the pressure cooker contains all the essential do’s and don’ts of cooking. A cook must study it attentively to understand how to use the product safely to ensure its correct and easiest use.

Keeping the water level low

Cooking with low water level helps in cooking food in the best possible way. If the water level is low, then while cooking, it penetrates the food quickly and quickens the cooking process.

Timely cleaning of the product

A user must clean a pressure cooker regularly to maintain its rich functionality. Decomposition of cooking waste on excessive use prevents it to achieve its full functionality.

Keeping the pressure cooker unmoved while cooking

It is advised not to move or shake the pressure cooker while the steaming is going on because it may result in undesirable food processing.

Being aware of the maximum water limit

The cook should be aware that the liquid content in the pressure cooker should never exceed more than two third of its total volume since it may delay the cooking process.

Avoiding cooking mishaps

The user should not place his/her arm, forehand on the lid of the pressure cooker while it is functioning because it may cause unwanted cooking mishaps.

Careful adjustment of heating temperature

A user should sensibly heat any food item at the appropriate temperature and make the necessary increases and decreases at the right time to get the most desired output. Too early or too late in heating adjustments may spoil the cooking quality.

Even cutting of food

The food to be placed inside the pressure cooker must be cut evenly before being placed. If the food is cut unevenly, then the cooking process takes longer time to accomplish
and the desired taste is not obtained. 

Food should not be filled to the top

The user should not fill the pressure cooker with food items to its top. This results in proper cooking of the bottom and upmost contents of the pressure cooker but inadequate cooking of the middle contents which produces unsatisfactory results.

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