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Why Pressure Cooking is Beneficial

Pressure cooker is quite a popular utensil for any standard and modern kitchen. It is popular as it offers the benefit of faster cooking. When you are on the rush and running for your daily scheduled work it becomes difficult for you to cope up with elaborate cooking process. Pressure cooker helps you in that matter.

But apart from that there are a few more benefits of pressure cooking. Taka a look.

Saves the Nutrients:

While cooking in a stove top cookware most of the nutrients get evaporated with time. But when you are consuming a food if you don’t get the nutrients then it all becomes useless. No matter how busy you are you should not compromise with your health and nutrition. Pressure cooker keeps the nutrients in the food as the cooking occurs in the enclosed place.


Time and Energy Saver:

As the cooking takes place in an enclosed space it takes a little heat compared to that of stove top cooking. As a result you get to save enormous energy. As the food takes a very little time to heat up it also saves time of cooking also.

Cool and Clean Kitchen:

When you are cooking stove-top, the spray, the oil and the remnants of food makes the whole counter dirty. On the other hand pressure cooker does not generate such dirt. Moreover it helps to keep the atmosphere cool in kitchen. Since the food is not heated openly, the kitchen remains cool and odour free.

As now you know about the benefits of pressure cooking, what are waiting for? Find the right pressure cooker and cook delicious dishes. Eat healthy and stay fit.

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How To Cook Noodles With Chicken Soup In A Pressure Cooker?

Who doesn’t love soups especially in winter? Cooking soup in the pressure cooker is easy and the texture of the soup becomes thick and mouthwatering. When you make any soup in a pressure cooker, you can get the exact flavour of all the ingredients. There is no doubt about the fact the pressure cooker is a vital kitchen appliance, and there are several pressure cooker manufacturers who are innovating different styles, different models over the time. There are quite a few pressure cooker models in the market, which are suitable for any family. Depending on the numbers of your family members, you should get a pressure cooker for easy recipes. You can buy pressure cooker online or you can visit the local store.

Noodles With Chicken Soup

Now, let us have a look on the recipe of noodles with chicken soup. You will need these ingredients:

• One-tablespoon butter
• One-teaspoon salt
• One large onion, chopped
• Four carrots, peeled and cut into small pieces
• One diced celery rib
• Two cups chopped chicken
• Six cups of chicken stock
• Fresh ground pepper
• Cooked Noodles/Egg noodles

Keva 5 Litres Pressure Cooker
Keva 5 Litres Pressure Cooker

Cooking Method:

You have to cook the noodles prior to the soup. Place the cooker on the gas, add butter to the pot, when the butter starts melting, add the chopped onion and stir occasionally, fry until it becomes soft and golden brown in colour. It’s going to take around 2-3 minutes. After the onion is fried, add the chopped carrots, celery, and saute for about 5-7 minutes stirring occasionally. After that, add the chicken cubes/pieces and stock. Close the lid of the pressure cooker, and cook for around 5 minutes in high flame. After cooking for five to seven minutes, release the pressure when the valve drops. Remove the lid of the pot carefully, add salt and grounded pepper according to taste. Add the noodles and serve hot.

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Make Pressure Cooking Fast and Handy – Top Tips for Pressure Cooking

The lidded whistle pot on the shelf of your kitchen can be the most essential part of your kitchen. Probably some childhood distant memory of food splattered at every corner in the kitchen is preventing you from using the pressure cooker again. But it is now the safest method of cooking.

Induction Base Pressure Cooker
Buy Online Pressure Cooker

It is true that pressure cooker is the best alternative when it comes to fast cooking. But this is not all what pressure cooker offers. Rather there are some other ways that can make your pressure cooker work like wonder. If you are thinking of discovering some magic path that can make your cooker work like magic you are absolutely at the right place. While you are buying online pressure cooker keep these tips in mind for a better result from your pressure cooker.

• For more intense flavor from pressure cooked food here is your solution. Put a very little oil in the cooker and put the vegetables in a small amount. Brown them and put them on the bowl. Your next task is to deglaze the cooker. Clean the part of remaining oil, wine, water and vegetable extracts. Now put the vegetables again for more intense flavor.

• Check the liquid before you put the cooker on the stove top. As you will be cooking in an enclosed pot where heat will be trapped to cook or boil faster, it is never a good idea to add as much water as you do with open pot cooking. More water than what is needed will extend the vaporization process and thus will cause over boiling of the food.

• Too much food in a pressure cooker is a strict no. It is always advisable that you fill the cooker with food not more than two third of it. You may activate the safety valve of the cooker. It happens especially if the cooker is over filled with food.

• Use stop and go method cooking. When you are cooking meat cooking it first then move it aside. Add peas or green vegetables cook that a bit and after that add the half cooked meat and then finish cooking together.

Use these tips for better result and enjoy pressure cooking.