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Top Benefits of Pressure Cooking

When you are rushing for office or running with your kids during school time a pressure cooker becomes your best friend. When you are on a hurry and need to cook,pressure cooker becomes an essentially in your life.

You can’t compromise every time by eating outside and skip cooking.To cook fast and in a way so that the food retains all the nutrients and food value,pressure cooker is your best thing.

If you are still in a dilemma about using pressure cooker in your kitchen due to some past experience of accident involving in it and food splattering in every possible direction then forget about it.

The eminent pressure cooker brands in India are coming with their products that are more secure and safer.Prestige,Hawkins, Sunkwik and all the other brands are coming up with new and safer products.Sunkwik inner lid pressure cooker is a safer option for any user.

19Benefits of Pressure Cooker :-

  • Since you are cooking in a closed pot,the foods retain most of the nutrients and protein. When you are cooking on stove top most of the food value will get evaporated from the food.But in the case of pressure cooking most of the nutrients remain in pot. All the vitamins and minerals make the food even healthier.
  • If you are worried about the energy waste,opt for pressure cooking.It is only way that will save a huge amount of energy. When you are cooking in an open pot heat gets wasted. But if you are cooking in closed pot with high pressure it takes lesser energy to cook.
  • Pressure cooker ensures that you can cook in comparatively cooler and cleaner kitchen.When you are cooking in a pressure cooker,there are low chances of spilling the food and juices.On the other hand,when you are cooking in a closed pot the kitchen won’t get too much heated.As a result the kitchen remains cooler.

Cook in pressure cooker. Stay healthy and stay fit.

Cook Easy & Cook Better:The Basics of Induction Base Pressure Cooker

You have wasted ample of time in your kitchen before you figured out how to cook with an induction base pressure cooker. Induction cooking turns the pressure cooker’s base into the heat supply,as heating only at the base of the cooker to cook the foodstuff!So,it is a good idea to cook with induction base pressure cooker.Generally an electric burner only passes on 47% energy to the container and induction burner passes on 90% of its power to the container.So pair your pressure cooker with an induction burner and make your household into an energy saving star!

Here are the few basics which you can follow while using induction bas pressure cooker:

You don’t have to pre-heat the cooker before cooking.You’ll be getting burnt oil and burnt vegetables otherwise.On induction the container’s surface gets scorching and all set to sauté in instantly.

Firstly,make a portion of the aromatics,before tossing oil to sauté’,immediately switch on the induction burner.Do not bring the cooker to pressure on high heat.

Bring the pressure cooker on medium heat to pressure or fasten the cooking time to recompense for the lower pressure cooking temperature.

Right after you have adjusted the temperature, don’t walk off from a filled or large cooker.

Make sure that you are using the induction burner’s timer to set the cooking time so the burner turns itself off involuntarily.If under cooked, lock the pressure cooker and cook for a suitable amount of additional time.

Most foods with moist heat such as boiled,steamed,and stewed are appropriate for induction pressure cooking.

In pressure cooking liquid quantity ordinarily has to be reduced and there is little evaporation,so make sure that there is enough liquid for the entire cooking time.

When you are cooking bring cooker to full operating pressure on medium heat and reduce the temperature immediately when full pressure is reached. Briefly take out the cooker from heat if the steam seems to be evacuating too powerfully.

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy – Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Pressure cookers are best friend of any cook.When you are rushing with your kids or running for office,pressure cooker is the best utensil that can help you out.There is always that leaded pot on the shelves of your kitchen.Probably it is some experience of the past when the pot has exploded with splatter of food everywhere that makes you reluctant to use the cooker.

Pressure cooker makes cooking faster.That is why the leading brands of pressure cookers in India like Hawkins,Prestige,Sunkwik are manufacturing different types and brands.Sunkwik has come up with Sunkwik keva pressure cooker that is actually making cooking a lot faster and better experience.

Apart from fast cooking pressure cooker have some other benefits too.Take a look of the following benefits :-

More Nutrients and Tastier

When you are cooking in pressure cooker,the nutrients remain in the food.On the contrary,at the time of cooking on stove top most of the nutrients get evaporated.It also makes the food tastier.As it retains all the vitamins and nutrients in food it makes the cooking a much better and healthier job.

Energy Saver

Pressure cooker helps to save energy.Since the heat remains stored in the pot it makes the cooking faster.As a result it also saves the energy that is wasted in the time of stove top cooking.

Cleaner and Cooler Kitchen

Clean and cool kitchen helps the cook to keep working in the kitchen for hours.When you are cooking on an open pan,there is always the fear of spilling the juice and creating a mess.Open pan makes the kitchen heated.It results in more heated and unhygienic kitchen.

Investing in a pressure cooker is a good idea for you.Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Best Tips to Cook in Pressure Cooker

Did you know that the pressure cooker decreases cooking times?Here are some top recipes which you can cook in pressure cooker and an info-graphic,to quickly clarify the time savings and ease of pressure cooking rice and grains.

When compared with conventional cookery,most foods cook 70% faster with 50% less fuel in a pressure cooker.Imagine brown rice in 15 minutes,lentil and broccoli soup in two minutes.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to get absolutely edible grains.Remember these while you are cooking in a pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker products
Before you leave the kitchen area do check the cooking time and proportion.Each of the grain needs to re-hydrate entirely with exact quantity of fluid.The pressure cooking time chart is recommended while cooking.

The food grains expand to once or double and you don’t want them to get any place close to the cover of the cooker.So,don’t fill the pressure cooker more than half way with the food preparation water/fluid.

While cooking,add a bit of fat such as a bit of butter,oil or ghee,whichever goes with your recipe all along with the grains.The oil,butter will decrease the quantity of froth that is produced while the grains boil under pressure.

Maintain the 10-minute normal release method after cooking is done.Almost all food grains should be opened using this process and it is one the most delicate pressure cooker opening methods that ensures no starch/foam comes scattering out of the cooker valve while you open the lid of the cooker.

Formerly all pressure cookers had an external,detachable pressure gauge and they were made of aluminum.Now newer models are in stainless steel and have a built-in,almost silent pressure indicator with only one or two automatic settings.

So now the pressure cookers are much easy to operate.According to the Pressure cooker manufacturer companies,single-level pressure cookers are easy to monitor,safe and perfectly adequate for home use.