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Why Pressure Cooker is becoming a Must-have in Every Kitchen?

In the morning when you are rushing for work or preparing your kids for school,a whistling sound from your kitchen is quite normal these days.It is nothing but just a covered pot that comes to our rescue whenever you are in some hurry.

To keep up with the faster pace of life,a pressure cooker is becoming a must have in every kitchen. Especially after the invention of induction ovens,pressure cooker manufacturers are coming up with new designs cookers with advanced utility.It is helpful as it helps you to cook faster than anything. But it cannot be the only benefit of it.Otherwise the demand of this utensil would have never reached such height.

pressure cooker
What are the benefits that you can get for cooking in pressure cookers?Take a look and find out :-

1.) Food cooked in pressure cooker retains most of the nutrients and taste.When you are cooking in an open stove top the nutrients evaporates with the steam.But when you are cooking in pressure cooker,it lets the right amount of steam to go out. As a result most of the nutrients remain in the pot.The food also becomes tastier than the food cooked in open pot.

2.) The pressure cooking process saves energy.Since the food is cooked in closed pot,it is cooked faster.It results in saving energy.Open pot cooking needs more heat for a longer period.Pressure cooking compensates that energy loss.

3.) It helps to cook faster.Undoubtedly when you are cooking in an open pot it takes a lot of time to prepare any dish.But pressure cooking has become the synonym of fast cooking.

4.) Pressure cooking helps to retain the healthy,hygienic and cool atmosphere in the kitchen.The stove top remains clean and the atmosphere remains cool.The food never spills out and it saves your labor too.It also reduces he foul smell after cooking.

So,from next morning when you will be in rush,don’t forget to bring out your best friend from cupboard.Eat healthy,stay healthy.

The right pressure cooker for your home

A pressure cooker is highly important

The modern methods of cooking indeed have become much more sophisticated and hassle free. Microwave ovens are probably one of the greatest inventions allowing anyone to prepare a delectable dish within a few minutes.It,however,runs on electricity and one cannot simply rely on a microwave oven for everyday meal preparations. Thus it is a good idea to have some basic kitchen appliances and a gas oven which certainly will come in handy. While shopping for kitchen appliances,one must make sure to get the pressure cooker.If you are going to stay alone at a place you might think that there is no real need of having a pressure cooker,but the fact is it is one of the best cooking appliances available and will save a lot of time and energy for you.

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Types of pressure cooker

Pressure cooker comes in many varieties.In the Indian market among the major pressure cooker products are the basic pressure cooker with fixed pressure range.However,in the western countries pressure cookers with various functionalities and variable pressure setup are available,which is pretty much like the microwave oven,only the controls are on the lid.If you are going to be in India it will be better to stick to the basic pressure cooker products since you will get easy replacement of any part if damaged,and also for a single person it is unnecessary to invest too much into the pressure cooker.

Choose the right pressure cooker

If you are not well aware of the types of pressure cookers available in the market,here is a basic guide that will help you choose the perfect pressure cooker for yourself –

      • Capacity – Pressure cookers come in various capacities.Make sure you have the right capacity suitable for your purpose.The Indian pressure cooker models come in terms of “litres” denoting the quantity.
      • Lid locking mechanism – Check this is simple and you can use this conveniently.
      • Pressure – Go for the one which gives an extra option in terms of pressure weight.
      • Safety Valve – Check if the safety valve is properly operational.
    • Warranty – Go for the reputable one with maximum warranty period.

Get the best pressure cooker with minimum effort

The importance of pressure cooker

Irrespective of the country one is residing in, there is hardly any household which does not have a pressure cooker in the kitchen. A pressure cooker is the most time and fuel saving option invented till date. No matter if the person is using a flame heater or a electric heater or an induction heater, pressure cooker is definitely the best when it comes to cooking within a short time period and also save fuel. First built almost a decade ago, the pressure cooker has undergone tremendous change in terms of design; however the basic principle still remains the same. The steam is trapped within the container and is used to increase the pressure within it. This results in low use of fuel to cook the contents of the pressure cooker. However, the wide variety of pressure cookers available in the market currently makes it important that one checks the pressure cooker one is going to buy and ensure it will suit the purpose.


Things to consider while buying pressure cooker –

  • The type of heater one will be using is important while selecting the right pressure cooker. There are different types of pressure cookers available for different types of ovens and one should check carefully that the pressure cooker is the right one for the type of oven one is going to use.
  • The locking mechanism must be checked in person. It should be easy and firm. Nothing sophisticated is advisable as this can lead to dangerous accidents in future.
  • If you are from India, make sure that the pressure cooker you are buying has a service centre nearby. All types of pressure cooker accessories in India might not suitable for the model you are about to buy. It is important to check the availability of the particular pressure cooker accessories in India.
  • Warranty is important and should be checked properly. It should have a decently long warranty.
  • The safety valve must be present in the cooker. It helps avoid many accidents.
  • Various types of pressure weights are available. Check if there are a variety of weights available along with the cooker.

The Benefits of Using Pressure Cooker in Your Kitchen

A pressure cooker is a sealed container with a control device/valve.It controls the steam pressure inside the pot.After placing the pot on the stove,the container heats up,the inside liquid forms into steam and creates pressure in the pot.The high pressure helps cook quicker.It was invented around 1600s by a Frenchman named Denis Papin.

This high pressure steam of a pressure cooker holds two most important effects:

  • Pressure cooker increases the boiling point of the water.Normal boiling point of water is 212o F,but with the steams pressure boiling point can get high to 250o F.This higher heat helps the food to cook faster.
  • It increases the pressure and it helps force fluid into the food rapidly,which helps it cook faster.It is very useful for certain foods,such as hard meat and few vegetables.

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For safety reasons,there are at least three valves in the modern pressure cookers.The three valves allow the mechanical release of pressure in case it builds up excessively high.Different valves are used for different cookers.You can get a range of pressure cooker accessories in India, for example:the valves and the gasket,which is a rubber ring and extremely important part of a pressure cooker.You need to keep the gasket clean and free from any food particles to make sure a good secure seal.

There are lots of beneficial purposes for using pressure cooker as kitchen equipment.Some of these include:

  • A pressure cooker consumes less water and time;holds more vitamins and minerals than conventional cooking process which gives the food a nutritional boost.
  • A pressure cooker is energy efficient.As a pressure cooker takes not as much of time,as a result the amount of energy consumed is condensed too.
  • Cooking in a pressure cooker is timesaving.One can cook food about 70 percent quicker.One can put all the ingredients together and just sit and relax.Pressure cooker will make it quicker.
  • Compared to usual stove-top or oven methods the kitchen remains much cooler if you are using a pressure cooker.As all the pressure and heat is trapped inside the pot,it doesn’t produce that much of heat.
  • You would usually need to clean up all the messy spatters after cooking,but while you are cooking your food with a covered pot,you don’t have to clean up immediately after cooking.

Why You should Cook in Pressure Cooker

There must be the whistling utensil in your cupboard in the kitchen that you always wanted to use but wasn’t sure about it.Probably it is the old memory of bursting and splattering food everywhere in the whole kitchen,still haunts you. But that was long before.Pressure cooker has gone through a lot of changes since then.It has become safer and more useful too.

When you are rushing for office or running with your kids you need to do everything much faster. You need to cook fast too.But that does not mean necessarily that you will  compromise with your food and nutrition.Pondering over how to do it? Well,the solution is in your hand.The pressure cooker and pressure cooker products have too many benefits to count.What are they?Take a look.

Food Retain Nutrients and Taste :-

When you are cooking on a stovetop pan,most of the nutrients get evaporated and a very less food value remains of it.It takes more time to cook in the open pan.The longer it is cooked,the more nutrients will be evaporated.But when it is cooked in pressure cooker,a quite little quantity of food gets evaporated with steam.At the same time,the shorter time of cooking makes it possible to retain the colour and flavor of the food too. As a result the food retains most of the nutrients and taste of the food.


Energy Saver :-

Pressure cooking saves a lot of energy.When you are boiling in one pot and cooking in the other,it becomes the reason of wastage of energy.With pressure cooker you cook in one single pot in a quite shorter time.As a result a lot of energy gets saved.

Cool and Clean Kitchen :-

Pressure cooker also helps to maintain the cooler atmosphere in kitchen.When you are cooking on the stove top,automatically it increases the temperature of kitchen.It becomes quite difficult for you to work in a heated kitchen for a long time.Pressure cooker helps to maintain the normal temperature in the kitchen.

It also prevents the juices and the sauces to spill and cause a mess in the kitchen.

Go past of the hesitation and start using the pressure cooker.It is a lot safer and more convenient way to cook.

Ensure safety while Buying Pressure Cooker

Keep the Cooker Simple

The pressure cooker no doubt is one of the most important of all kitchen appliances and utensils.Ever since its inception,it has proven to be an efficient way of cooking,saving time as well as energy and fuel.However,in current market the variety of pressure cooker available is simply overwhelming and most of the time puts the customer in a bewildering position unable to choose the right one.Even though there is many sophisticated and modern pressure cookers available which allows a number of functions and utilities in one,we as Indians prefer to keep a few things simple.The more advanced pressure cookers are also extremely high priced and are not available easily.Unless you have the resource to invest in one such pressure cooker and the company’s service centre nearby to replace the damaged parts,it will be better to stick to the old conventional pressure cookers.

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Check for a secure lid

The most important part to check while buying any pressure cooker is the lid.The mechanism of locking the lid is often made complicated in effort to make it something different from the rest by some of the companies.Try opening and then closing the lid at the store.If you are having difficulty in performing these operations,it is probably best left alone.Also,the lid must be securely placed over the cooker.There are incidents of lids blowing off due to the excessive pressure.Inner lids generally are useful in prevention of such scenario.In India,many popular company models,such as the Sunkwik Keva pressure cooker have inner lid. This type of lid gets securely placed and locked from inside the pressure cooker and cannot blow up.

Check for other safety functions

The pressure weight placed on top of the cooker should also be checked properly.It should not be too tight nor should it be too loose.It should be perfectly fixed so as to allow the excess pressure to disperse.The safety valve present on the lid is also essential for prevention of any accident.It is best to rely on renowned company models such as Sunkwik Keva pressure cooker while buying a new cooker for home.

Choose the right pressure cooker for an effective lifestyle

Pressure cookers are modern man’s best friend
Pressure cooker is the fastest means of cooking food.In the current lifestyle,when we do not have the luxury of spending much time in the kitchen,pressure cooker is our best friend.With time the pressure cooker has also evolved including many new technologies and making our lives easier.So,if you are going to buy one, make sure you have done your homework to know more about the various types of pressure cooker products.


Types of pressure cooker products
New technology has indeed made our life easier and our appliances smarter.As in the case with every other product,you will get a wide range of pressure cooker products as well,categorised into the following types –

First Generation –The first generation pressure cookers are the simplest kind and also the most affordable among the ones currently available in the market.These pressure cookers come with an airtight lid and a weight bearing valve on top to control the pressure.

Second Generation –The second generation pressure cookers have a spring weight bearing valve which can be calibrated to increase or decrease the pressure within the cooker.This offers a little more flexibility in terms of cooking options as compared to the first generation ones.

Third Generation –The third generation is the most recent and advanced among all types of pressure cooker products.These have in-built microchip which helps in calibration of internal pressure.The chip also calculates the status of cooking within the cooker and measures if the pressure is too high or low.This is the most preferred type as well among the current buyers.

Pressure Cooker Accessories India
Pressure Cooker Accessories India

Choice of metal
There has been a long standing debate on whether aluminium pressure cooker is better or the stainless steel ones.To be honest,there are pros and cons of both the products.The aluminium pressure cookers most certainly get heated quicker than the stainless steel products.On the other hand, the stainless steel pressure cookers are much more durable and sturdy and do not react to any type of food.Also the third generation pressure cooker products are available in stainless steel models.Depending on your budget you may choose any one that suits your purpose well.

Pressure cookers for every kitchen

The all-rounder pressure cooker

There definitely isn’t a household kitchen which does not have a pressure cooker. It is one of the most popular and definitely one of the most efficient kitchen equipment available. The introduction of pressure witnessed a huge popularity and ever increasing demand because of the dramatic reduction in cooking time by using a pressure cooker. Besides being a cooking apparatus, pressure cooker also found its usage in sterilizing jars and bottles. Even till date pressure cooker is the preferred means of sterilization of baby bottles.

pressure cooker

The evolution of pressure cooker

Over the decades, since its inception, pressure cooker has undergone huge transformation. The basic models which the pressure cooker manufacturers first introduced was made completely of aluminium, a soft metal which heat up pretty fast, reducing the fuel consumption in heating the utensil. The top lid of the pressure cooker keeps the utensil air tight. A weight placed on the top nozzle regulates the pressure within the cooker. This pressure that this model can generate within is fixed. Later the pressure cooker manufacturers introduced the model with a spring loaded top weight. The adjustment of the spring allows the user to regulate the pressure within the cooker. This allows the user to use the same pressure cooker for a variety of purpose. The most recent variety of pressure cooker available in the market is the electric pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker has a microchip and an IC which allows the user to monitor and control the pressure within the cooker, depending upon the food item being cooked. There are preset functions available as well which makes it easy for the user to determine the amount of pressure that will be required for certain type of item. The microprocessor also monitors the quality of the food being prepared and prevents overcooking and preservation of nutrients of the food.

mini pressure cooker

Pressure cooker manufacturers and sellers

There are a number of pressure cooker manufacturers available in the market. One can check out the various models being offered and the price tag on each type, and decide to settle for the one providing maximum value for money. Online stores are also common and useful when it comes to shopping for pressure cooker.

Few tips on buying the best pressure cooker for your home

How to choose the best pressure cooker for yourself :-

Are you planning to buy a pressure cooker shortly?Pressure cookers are indeed one of the best cooking appliances available and save a lot of time and money in terms of fuel consumption.But there are a few points you need to check while buying a new pressure cooker –

•There are a number of pressure cooker manufacturer and each of them are marketing their product at their best.You must remember that the highest price does not always determine superior quality. So check for the one which will be most efficient and comes at a reasonable price.

•The pressure within a pressure cooker is vital for cooking food in short time.Most pressure cooker manufacturer mentions the psi value in the product specification.The higher the psi the more is the pressure created within the cooker and the shorter time it would need to cook the food.Generally a pressure cooker must have a minimal psi value. In US pressure cooker manufacturers have been directed to manufacture cookers which have a minimal 15 psi to destroy any microbe within the food.Nowadays you can also get pressure cookers which let you control the pressure.

•The size of the pot is important too.You should get such a size which will be enough for the entire family.It is advisable to keep at least two different sized cooker if you have a small family and at times a number of guests visit you for a few days.

•Warranty is an important thing to consider as well.Since most pressure cooker manufacturers provide a general duration of warranty,most of us forget to consider this point.However,it is very important that you check if you are getting a warranty long enough to justify the price of the product.

•Availability of spare parts should also be a point to consider.If your pressure cooker manufacturer is a new one in the market or if the product range is fairly new,chances are that you will have to depend only on the company when any problem arises post warranty.

Keep these few points in mind and you can get yourself a decent pressure cooker and enjoy cooking at its best.

Effect of Pressure Cooker in Nutrition

If you are rushing to work or running to the school with your kids,it is obvious that you don’t have time for cooking.The fast pace of life right now gives us a very little time to sit back,leave alone cooking.It is impossible to compromise with health by eating junk food every day.The only thing that can help you to cook fast as well as retain the taste and the nutrients is a pressure cooker.

Now pressure cooker is an essential article in our regular kitchen.It is becoming more and more modern with every passing day.Now induction based pressure cooker is also becoming popular in our country.

Pressure Cooking Retains Anti Oxidant and Vitamin :-

Pressure cookers retain the essential vitamins and anti oxidants in the food.The juice remains in the cooker after cooking.It is full of nutrients.Anti oxidants also remains that helps us to fight the signs of aging.When you are cooking in closed pots it takes notoriously long time to cook.But in the case of pressure cooker,the whole process of cooking happens within few minutes.

The Food Contains little Acrylamide :-

The boiled food cooked in high temperature often creates acrylamide that is harmful for health.Pressure cooking reduces the formation of acrylamide.As a result the food cooked in pressure cooker becomes healthier that the cooked food in other method.

Short Times help to Retain Nutrients :-

The short time of cooking helps to retain nutrients.When you are cooking in a stove top vessel,the nutrients evaporate with steam.But in pressure cooker it takes a very little time that does not let the nutrients to evaporate.

Choose the right pressure cooker for your home, cook healthy and stay healthy.