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The Common Mistakes that Often You make in Pressure Cooking

Pressure cookers are the best friend of anyone who is always on the rush. When you are running for work or preparing your kids for school, pressure cooker helps you the most. But often it is the sole reason of bad cooking or sometimes accidents too.

But what is it that makes the cooking go wrong all the way? What are the mistakes you commit that results in such instances that is stopping you from using pressure cooker accessories to cook again? Take a look.


Over Cooking

It is the most common mistake that you often commit while using pressure cooker. When you are cooking meat, it is obvious that you will prefer tender meat. But if you are trying to overcook it even for two more minutes it will again become tight.

It often happens that you over cook again to make it tender and it becomes. But what you fail to understand is that it is actually falling apart. But with this whole process the meat becomes tasteless.

When you are cooking something in pressure cooker, try to use a recipe. You are probably thinking to achieve the same taste that your grandmother used to create.

But you are wondering even after using the same ingredients in the cooking, why it is not tasty as it used to be. You have probably no idea that the two extra minutes that is killing the taste of the food.

Extra Liquid

It is another mistake that you often make. There has to be some minimum quantity sunkwik_of cooking in your cooker. Generally jiggle top cookers need 1 cup of water and the spring valve model needs ½ cup of water.

If you are adding extra water then it will ruin the taste of the food and the spices will end up in the floating in the water. The vegetables and meat need not be drowned in water unless you are thinking about infusing cooking method.

Avoid these mistakes while cooking and taste a piece of health with pressure cooking.

The Benefits of Pressure Cooking

Though pressure cooker has become an indispensable item in our everyday kitchen, yet there are many people who are still refusing to use pressure cooker.

It is probably because some distant memory of a shrill of pressure cooker followed by a burst that must have splattered food to every corner of the kitchen as well as pristine ceiling too.

But these days the reputed brands like Hawkings, Prestige or Sunkwik are coming up with pressure cooker products that are safe and your best friend in kitchen too.

pressure cooker

It is quite well known fact that pressure cookers ensure faster cooking. But do you know that cooking in pressure cooker has other benefits too? What are those benefits? Take a look of the points given below.

Saves the Nutrients

When you are cooking in a traditional stove top cookware, it is natural that all the nutrients will evaporate with the steam. The more you will cook it, the fewer nutrients will remain intact.

Pressure cooker should be your first choice if you want to cook and eat healthy. Nutrients will be preserved as the food will be cooked in closed pot using a very little amount of water.

As a result the food will not only be healthy, it will retain their colour too. You will be able to have their distinct taste as well.

Time and Energy Saver

When you are in a hurry of preparing your children for school or rushing for office, only a pressure cooker can save the time that you can utilise otherwise. As the food will be cooked in an enclosed place, the heat will increase the speed of cooking. It will also save energy. Since it will take a little time to cook, there will be no need to keep the gas on in high flame for a long time.

Cool and Clean Kitchen

When you are cooking stove-top, the spray, the oil and the remnants of food makes the whole counter dirty. On the other hand pressure cooker does not generate such dirt. Moreover it helps to keep the atmosphere cool in kitchen. Since the food is not heated openly, the kitchen remains cool and odour free.

Since now you know there are so many benefit of pressure cooker why are you still pondering over the safety? Let me tell you, the reputed companies now ensure that the safety controls are at place when you are buying a pressure cooker. Cook healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy.

Why do You Need a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is an integral part of any modern kitchen. When you are rushing for office or preparing your kids for school you need to cook as early as possible. On the other hand you cannot ignore the health factor anyway.

The only thing that will come to help you out in such situation is a pressure cooker. To cook fast and retain health all at the same time become possible because of this equipment. Moreover, the companies in the country like Hawkings, Prestige and Sunkwik are coming up with various types of pressure cookers like keva pressure cooker, induction based pressure cooker to make cooking more hassle free.

Sunkwik Keva Pressure Cooker
Sunkwik Keva Pressure Cooker

It not only makes cooking fast, cookers have some other benefits too. Take a look to know more about it.

Time and Energy Saver

The biggest benefit of pressure cooker is it saves a lot of time and energy, indirectly money as well. If you are cooking chicken in an open pot then you are going to waste a huge amount of energy.

Not only that, the food value and nutrients will get wasted because of the steam. But in pressure cooker heat and steam remains inside that makes cooking a fast affair.

Healthy Cooking

If you are opting to cook and feed your family healthy then pressure cooker is the best thing that can serve the purpose. Pressure cooking requires less water than the other cooking methods that results in retaining vitamins and minerals of the food.

Cooler and Cleaner Kitchen

If you are tired and furious after cooking in a heated kitchen for hours, then it is time, switch to pressure cooking. Stove top cooking releases too much of heat and steam.

It makes the whole atmosphere hot and sultry. Pressure cooker can save you from that trouble too. It helps to maintain the clean and cool atmosphere that will make you able to cook for as long as you want without getting too much exhausted.

Find the right model of pressure cooker for your family. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

Pressure cookers and their multitude of advantages

The SunKwik inner lid pressure cooker is one such attribute in the world of modern pressure cooker models that has really added great ease to the kitchen activities.

India has gained great repute in manufacturing kitchen appliances and the best part is that the equipments are offered at really affordable prices. The appliances are made maintaining high quality standards.

They have great looks, high level safety and reasonable prices. Sunkwik is one of the famed brands in the world of pressure cookers bearing world class standards. The Sunkwik inner lid pressure cooker is one of the must-haves in all household.

Sunkwik Inner Lid Pressure Cooker
Sunkwik Inner Lid Pressure Cooker

There are several brands who often claim to provide the best in class but often fail to offer a competitive quality even. These cookers often lack in safety features and that can put forth a great deal of hazard to the life of the individual handling the cooker.

The quality parameters are not met often as the manufacturers neglect to comply with the prescribed technology and tend to go for uncertified and outdated methodologies while producing the cookers.

Pressure cooker is a device that locks both taste and health in a food. If your cooker is made of stainless steel then the outcome is far healthier.

If one is having food cooked in a cooker then it even helps in controlling your weight as the contemporary design of cookers facilitates cooking with very little oil and fat or just without it at all.

Steaming is the main methodology used in pressure cooking and that’s the best part about it. Steaming never uses the vital elements in the food and also keeps the healthy ingredients locked in the food. You get to have the true taste and the perfect flavour in this form of cooking.

Pressure cookers are exported all over the world and they are best in class. There are various forms of cookers available in the market and Sunkwik has various forms of cookers available with it.

The sunkwik inner lid pressure cooker, outer lid pressure cooker, aluminium cooker, stainless steel cooker are some of the trusted forms from the brand. They are available in different sizes so that one can get one according to their family need.

Top benefits offered by a pressure cooker

It is really difficult to think of a kitchen without a pressure cooker. It is no doubt a unique cookware to facilitate effective cooking. The cookware makes cooking faster, healthier and at the same time helps one to save a lot of energy expended on cooking.

Here are the top benefits extended by the kitchen equipment. The pressure cooker manufacturers are experimenting with the form and mechanism of the cookware to a great extent and thus the advantages extended by it have gained momentum.

Pressure CookerCooking and health are connected in a big way. The foods you eat are the principal elements to keep you fit and healthy. This is the reason when you cook you try to put maximum effort to blend health in the dishes you prepare.

Pressure cooking is another name for healthy cooking. The steam formed inside the cooker is the element that locks the health inside the essential ingredients used for cooking a particular dish. It locks the nutrients in the components and in turn help us to intake the nutrients directly.

The food cooked in the pressure cooker are also tastier as the moisture that  remains locked  inside the vessel contain the flavour and it never run out of it. So you get the chance to taste the true flavour of all the ingredients used in preparing the dish.

Pressure cooker saves the cooking time to a great extent and especially if it is a stainless steel pressure cooker then the time is saved to a large extent.

Both energy and money is saved as you choose to a cooker from a trusted pressure cooker manufacturer. It helps you to save you money in terms of the durability of the cooker and saves about 70% of time and energy expended in regular cooking.

Thus pressure cooker is the wonder device to make kitchen a pleasant place in true terms.

Pressure Cooker Appliances in India go online

Are you in dire need of pressure cooker appliances and do not know where to look for safe and dependable ones? Do you want to get into the retail market of trading in pressure cooker appliances that are compliant with the safety standards set by the government?

You will be glad to know that there are quite a few web stores that trade exclusively in pressure cooker appliances in India. The major brands in this field, along with having outlets in all major cities, have also adopted internet enabled market strategies to boost visibility and sales. From the customer end too, it has become extremely convenient.

sunkwik accessoriesNow any one can buy safe and standard pressure cooker appliances in India from any part of the country and get it hand delivered to their addresses.

Pressure cooker accessories are commodities you must never compromise with. Luckily, now you can find a wide range of pressure cooker accessories in India on the internet.

There are a number of sites that specialise in selling accessories to pressure cookers. The products are in keeping with the government standards of safety and are ISI certified. So you can safely use them on your pressure cooker.

This can help you to come out of the risk of buying spurious pressure cooker accessories from your local market, where products are often not officially ISI certified. These products are available at a very competitive rate and are delivered to your home. There are options of return in many of these sites.

All kinds of pressure cooker accessories are available on these web stores in India. Generally, the product line includes side handles, rubber gaskets, whistles, easy grip Bakelite handles, plugs and extra safety devices.

Apart from individual usage you can also procure wholesale goods for retail purposes on very interesting rates straight from the manufacturers. All in all, pressure cooker accessories in India have found a new and vibrant market in the web.